Sign The Petition Calling For Congress To Impeach President Obama

The rash of scandal that has plagued the Obama administration is unprecedented in both size and scope. From the lies about ObamaCare and the Benghazi terrorist attacks, to the IRS targeting conservatives and the NSA secretly collecting phone records for millions of Americans, these scandals and more have led a growing number of grassroots patriots to question whether President Obama is fit to lead our great nation.

Fighting Back Against The Threat Of An Imperial Presidency

In an effort to provide those patriots a platform with which to speak, Grassfire has launched a national petition demanding Congress impeach President Barack Obama. Over the next two weeks, Grassfire is mobilizing at least 100,000 citizen-petitions for hand-delivery to House and Senate leaders. Sign the “Impeach Barack Obama” petition and let Grassfire represent you on Capitol Hill.

The petition states:

As an American citizen, I’m calling on Congress to file articles of impeachment against President Barack Obama. The plethora of scandals and long train of abuses of presidential power make him unfit both to lead this great nation and serve as the leader of the free world. Since his election in 2008, Mr. Obama has embarked on a mission to undermine the Constitution, while attacking the freedoms and liberties of the American people. The evidence of Barack Obama’s failed policies and leadership are impossible to ignore. So I’m demanding that you, a duly elected member of Congress, take immediate action to remove President Obama from office in order to prevent him from doing further harm to these United States of America.

Simply complete the form below and click the “Submit Petition” button.

  • Tom Bozikis

    Regarding the impeachment of the president, we are
    definitely suffering from information overload.
    Also, we have a duplicitous Congress.
    Both political parties are controlled by progressives who support the
    agenda of this president. The only thing
    is that the establishment Republicans wants to be at the helm rather than the

    In the 70s during the Watergate scandal, both chambers of
    Congress were controlled by the Democrats, but in actuality, Richard Nixon was
    just as much a progressive as any Democrat.
    The Republicans sure can talk a limited government talk, but they don’t
    implement those policies.

    The other reality is that the votes just aren’t there. The Republican House possibly could vote to
    impeach, but the Senate will never vote to convict. Impeachment may be nice for a PR move, but
    without a conviction, it’s almost meaningless.
    I’m afraid this reality plays into any move to impeach.

    Tom Bozikis

    • John R Willis

      I am afraid you are right Tom. It hasn’t been Democrats vs Republicans in a very long time. All the Congressmen and Senators just want one thing. To keep their JOBS with all the perks and Obamacare waivers and rich friends . This is not the Country our Grand ForeFathers had laid out for us . Not by a long shot !

      • PAT SMITH

        YOU ARE RIGHT AMEN !!!!!!

    • Fred

      Conviction after impeachment will depend upon 67 votes in the Senate.
      This might seem to be unreachable, but if we all get on it can be done!

  • denniskrug

    Obama and his Administration doesn’t just need to be impeached they need to be put infront of a firing squad and I’d be more than happy to be a member of that firing squad ! If no one else isn’t going to do anything about this our Military has every right to go in and grab Obama by his throat and physically remove him. Remember every military person, every Government official including Obama took an OATH to “Protect The Constitution From Enemies Both Foriegn and DOMESTIC”. Obama and his Administration clearly are the enemy to our Constitution !

    • Yolanda Walkling

      Dear Dennis,
      The Socialistic Muslim Dictator follows Allah and the Quran which Allows him to lie under Oath and denounce his faith even publicly as long as he keeps the Muslim faith in his heart. If this J.A. even has one. They need to do all you say and hang him from Lady Liberty as a warning to future Presidents who turn against us as he has.

      • denniskrug

        Obama has lied so much that along with his teleprompter they now give him toilet paper to wipe his mouth because of all the shit that comes out !

        • Yolanda Walkling

          Sad to say I think your right

          • denniskrug

            I just hope and pray to God & Jesus Christ NOT Allah that this country survives this piece of shit and his dirty, rotten, criminal, traitorous administration in tact. If that’s going to happen it needs to happen FAST because this country will not survive another 2 years of Obama and his henchmen especially with more of those shit head Muslim bast-rds crossing our wide open Southern Border.

          • Yolanda Walkling

            I sincerely feel that this Presidency was bought and paid for. There have been dead people vote and people in Nursing homes vote for him. Its been a scandal the whole time. Then it happens again. A man who had no birth certificate or proof of citizenship becomes President? A man who thinks there are 60 States in the United States. Hello? He is intentionally draining our country and causing chaos and would trade one deserter for 5 terrorist bit can’t get our marine Andrew Tahmooressi out of a Mexican jail? Going on fundraisers when all hell is breaking loose and not giving a crap about the American people over the illegal aliens. God help us all. As for Allah. People who promote Killing don’t know God by any name.

          • denniskrug

            Back in the 2008 election I went to my polling office and was asked if I wanted a ballot or if I’d like to try the electronic machine. Well back then I didn’t know about George Soros and that he was the one who manufactured those machines and so I thought I’d try the machine. I pressed the button for McCain – Palin and up pops Obama ! I know they could hear me three blocks away I yelled “I did NOT vote for this son of a bitch”. A woman come running over and said “Oh it’s a glitch” and supposedly fixed it. I voted again and this time McCain – Palin came up then about two weeks before 2012 election I receive a letter saying that I did NOT vote in the 2008 election ! When that first happened in 2008 I told everyone and my family they all thought I was crazy I reported it to the GOP office here and nothing was ever done about it at all. So in 2008 you either voted for Obama or you didn’t vote at all !

  • Danielle DeManche

    Obama has committed so many crimes it should be a no brainer to impeach him but we don’t have the support of the parties. As Tom Bozikis said we have a “duplicitous” Congress. They all “talk” impeachment, but no one wants to really make a move on it. Obama has shredded the Constitution and has said that “one good thing about being President is I can do whatever I want”. He is telling 1.4 million illegal aliens how to bypass laws to become legal. They are still doing illegal actions but Obama is telling law enforcement not to enforce the laws. He also has a Bill in Congress to amend the Constitution to allow him to run for a third term. He is trying to “quietly” push it through. It has been in Congress for over a year. He MUST be stopped!

    • denniskrug

      Yes we have a bunch of Traitor’s in the senate that won’t Impeach Obama and honor the oath they took so that’s exactly why I said that our military needs to step in and honor that oath by grabbing Obama by his filthy scrawny neck along with his rotten administration and remove them from office. Then it’s only right that they be put in front of a firing squad for TREASON ! I would gladly volunteer for that firing squad !

      • Leo Osborn

        You would absolutely be justified in physically (and literally) eliminating that sorry. Muslim Jack-ass….!!!!! Go. for it….!