Shocking Update on Justina

Shocking Update on Justina

I just learned two shocking updates about Justina Pelletier.

First, despite all the public-relations efforts by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), Justina’s legal and medical-care status has not changed at all since this became a national news story last month.

DCF successfully diffused this case by announcing they were turning over Justina’s care to her doctors at Tufts Medical. But Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is reporting that DCF never did this!

Despite the fact that Judge Joseph Johnston approved the order transferring Justina’s care to Tufts, Staver reports that “DCF still has not made appointments with Tufts.”

Second, we’re learning more about Justina’s medical condition. Reports indicate that the 15-year-old Connecticut girl’s health is worsening. Mat’s team at Liberty Counsel just filed a “Contempt of Court Motion” against DCF calling on them to immediately transfer Justina to Tufts.

We’re awaiting yet another ruling from the judge tomorrow. But I feel this is so urgent that it’s time for grassroots Americans to respond TODAY.

Grassfire’s Brian Connor heard from those working in the Massachusetts legislature that YOUR faxes and phone calls make an impact. But we cannot stop. In fact, we need you and the thousands of other “Free Justina Now” petition signers to make your voices heard even louder.

+ + Your Urgent Action Needed

Please consider taking a moment, right now, to pressure state and federal lawmakers from Massachusetts and Connecticut to demand the 15-year-old’s release and return to her family.

Click here to use Grassfire’s Faxfire system to schedule personalized faxes for immediate delivery to state and federal Representatives and Senators who can directly impact the battle to free Justina Pelletier.

Even if you sent faxes earlier, please consider doing so again.

Also …

Please call the two leaders of the Massachusetts legislature and demand they take action against their state’s rogue agency:

Theresa Murray, President of the Senate:

Robert DeLeo, House Speaker:

DCF has kept Justina away from her family’s chosen doctors. Reports indicate her condition is worsening. Please send faxes, call and pray for Justina and her family.

Thank you for the stand you’re taking.