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    “Itobragncfi.” (EE-tow-brag-NICK-fee) We jokingly say it around the office from time to time… It’s a made-up acronym for “I’m Tired Of Being Right And Getting No Credit For It!” And it kind of describes what it’s been like being a patriotic conservative these past few years… We were RIGHT on the immigration crisis, long before it became national news. We ...
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    Why They Hate Israel

    Grassfire is hosting a special Facebook LIVE event called “Why They Hate Israel,” with Rev. Oscar Richardson, who has lived much of the past decade in the Middle East and understands these issues like few others. To watch LIVE (12 noon ET) or to watch the archive: Also… Sign the Petition in support of the Embassy move to Jerusalem ...
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    This SMOKING HAM (Radio) May Expose Clinton-Obama-Justice-Russia Collusion Against Candidate Trump

    Yesterday FOXNews revealed that Nellie Ohr, wife of just demoted FBI deputy Director Bruce Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS during the time the dossier was created. Bruce Ohr was demoted for hiding his relationship with Fusion GPS and Trump dossier author Steele. From FoxNews:  The precise nature of Mrs. Ohr’s duties – including whether she worked on the dossier – ...
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    Say Merry Christmas to President & Mrs. Trump

    As promised, President Trump has restored “Merry Christmas” to the presidency, with bold pronouncements and the First Lady’s beautiful decoration of the White House. Grassfire wants to send the President and First Lady a Christmas card from thousands of citizens thanking them for bringing Christmas back! Will you take a moment right now to add your name to Grassfire’s Christmas ...
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    TOP 10 tax cuts in Senate bill

    UPDATE 11.04– The Senate passed a tax cut bill that preserved the TOP 10 provisions outlined by Grassfire prior to the vote. Despite efforts by some to gut the tax cut bill with $400 billion in new tax increases, the final vote did preserve the top tax cuts, making this the largest tax-cut in American history and the most significant ...
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    $400 BILLION Tax Increase In Senate Tax “Cut”!

    Grassfire warned of this possibility a few days ago… The GOP HOLDOUTS’ demand for triggered tax increases has led to a new proposal that ADDS UP TO $400 BILLION IN ACTUAL TAX INCREASES TO THE ALLEGED TAX CUT BILL! This new $400 billion tax increase has put passage of a real tax cut in jeopardy! We just updated our FaxFire ...
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