BREAKING: Obama Judge Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law


U.S. District Court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos has insulted all Americans who are black or Hispanic by indirectly suggesting they’re incapable of obtaining identification, and therefor may be discriminated against in the electoral process. This in reference to SB 5, a new Texas voter ID law designed to protect the integrity of elections.

Ramos struck down the law yesterday, saying “SB 5 perpetuates the selection of types of ID most likely to be possessed by Anglo voters and, disproportionately, not possessed by Hispanics and African-Americans.” This statement in an of itself, to us, seems rather racist. Ramos is essentially saying that only white Texans are capability of obtaining identification.

The Texas Attorney General wasn’t pleased with the racist ruling.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton quickly promised to appeal Wednesday’s ruling, calling it “outrageous.”

“Senate Bill 5 was passed by the people’s representatives and includes all the changes to the Texas voter ID law requested by the 5th Circuit,” Mr. Paxton said in a press release. “The 5th Circuit should reverse the entirety of the district court’s ruling.”

As has been noted many times before, the only individuals who truly have a difficult time obtaining identification are people here illegally. ID is required to drive, buy alcohol and yes… even attend Democrat political events in many cases. Yet none of those instances of ID requirement are struck down as discriminatory.

Which easily leads one to believe people like Ramos simply don’t want government to prohibit illegal voting.

  • charlie

    we must get rid of ALL these leftist, liberal, muslime loving, scumbag, unqualified oblunder ?judges?
    and we must do it now. Impeach, fire, charge with malfeasance whatever is necessary

    • George Ferguson

      I sure expect constructive intelligent conversation here regardless of the subject, ranting and acting stupid makes no sense.

    • robert v g

      Can the U.S. Congress find the judge guilty of malfeasance?Then remove her?

  • kap2002

    More leftist bs

  • MarcJ

    State murder capitals are all Democrat strongholds – coincidence?

  • George Ferguson

    Voter ID require proof of citizenship, a birth certificate or passport should be all one need to vote so are you saying that in Texas people does not have birth certificates of passport. If there is illegal voting by none citizen they must be paid lots of money and there must be some inside job to get them on the ballot. Texas ballot system need to be investigated.