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    It's time folks, James Comey should be toast, if all that is being reported is true and I suspect a lot of it is!I must admit, however, that one thing doesn't seem to make sense. It was already reported that he was killed by gunshot, not of his own doing, wouldn't they have removed the bullets before making such a claim, yet it is said the body was stolen before the bullets could be removed. After being in the grave for 23 years, I think the bullets would have been very easy to retract!Watch this video and all listed links shown!There has always been a fog cast over the death of Vince Foster with the Clintons heavily involved! We need to to get to the bottom of this before the bottom gets too damn deep!
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    Hallelujah, MAGA!! The dawn of a new day!
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    Received from an Oregon Resident (after the recent Portland "protest") PLEASE READ!While I was getting a coffee, I overheard 8 young people (22-26 years old, 4 males, 4 female) who have been protesting in downtown Portland the last two nights.I told them I was doing research and asked nicely if they would answer some questions. They were cool with it, so I sat down and went for it.Ø Three voted. Of the five who didn't, none was registered to vote.Ø None of them researched independently either candidate.Ø All were for Hillary but preferred Bernie.Ø Why the Democratic Candidate?"More things are taken care of." "Time to have a woman President." "Democrats aren't sexist or racist."Ø Six of them live at home.Ø All are under their parents insurance.Ø Two have "real" jobs.Ø Four aren't working, nor are they trying hard to find a job either.Ø Parents pay for everything in their life or subsidize it.Ø Six get money from mom or dad every month.Ø Three have been on unemployment for 6+ months.Ø One is at Portland State U, doesn't work, and parents pay for everything.Ø All 8 said Trump is a racist/sexist. I asked to cite proof ... "That tape, man!"Ø When I asked, as a man myself, “Have you ever said anything like that when you've been hanging out with your buddies? All four males said "Yes."Ø Would you say it if you knew you were on tape? All four answered "No."Ø What's the difference? I asked. “You've all said bad stuff like that. Does that mean you hate women and are a sexual predator?" Nothing. No answer.Ø None could tell me how our government works ... they didn't know how laws are passed, how the House of Representatives or the Senate work.Ø None could explain how a bill is passed.Ø Only one could tell me the difference between legal and illegal immigration. One of them said, "Legal immigration is when you immigrate legally." Seriously.Ø None could explain the purpose of the Electoral College or how it works. In 10 minutes they felt they had explained everything. Nice kids ... but so ignorant.I know some awesome, phenomenal young adults; but I'm afraid the majority are like this group. Too many participation trophies, too much coddling by parents and teachers.In 1944, 18 year-olds stormed the beach at Normandy into almost certain death.In 2016, 18-year-olds feel unsafe because words hurt their feelings.This country is in deep something!
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    Funny how the left is going nuts about how a 20% import tax is going to 'hit your pocket' yet they fail to mention that will only be the case if you CHOOSE to buy products imported Mexico such as avocados, etc...http://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/what-about-my-guacamole-how-20-percent-tariff-mexican-imports-n713016I am from California and I can assure you that Mexico is not the only place on earth avocados are grown... Pretty much everywhere in North County San Diego is an avocado farm. So rest easy, Trump's tax will not effect your guacamole.Just my two cents... Rant over.
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    NObbama is and always has been THE ENEMY WITHIN the United States. He has done everything conceivable to destroy and tear down OUR once great country. He is the SNAKE that candidate Donald Trump spoke about in his campaign. There is only one way to deal with a venomous snake. It is not petting, or attempting to tame it. It is not possible. Defang, maybe.
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    I haven't been on here in a long time, gonna start being much more active. But first have to learn my way around, it has changed a lot since the last time I was on. Thank you to all my new friends, sorry I haven't thanked you sooner.
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    72 years ago today... D-DAY God bless the Greatest Generation for their sacrifices http://www.chron.com/news/nation-world/article/D-Day-The-Invasion-of-Normandy-in-color-7965282.php
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    Trump is on fire!
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    We don't believe in co-incidences... no?http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2016/02/12/3748062/inside-the-most-important-supreme-court-case-in-human-history/
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    I lost my wife of 49 years to Alzheimer's on Nov 7, 2016. I know she is in a better place but I never knew I could hurt this much. She is in the National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC waiting for me to join her some day. On a positive note, she is no longer suffering and I can travel again. I'm going to travel to California to be with my kids and grand kids for Christmas and the New year..
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    Oh, dear, I haven't been here for almost a week and do I ever have some catching up to do! It's 2:00 AM, but I'll try to get back tomorrow evening.
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    Sharia Law = marrying and raping children, stoning women to death, executing gays, beating rape victims to death, beheading innocents, throwing acid on women and children