COCAINE CARRIERS: Over a Dozen USPS Workers Charged with Accepting Bribes in Drug Trafficking Scheme


According to federal indictment unsealed Wednesday, seventeen United States Postal Service workers have been charged with accepting bribes from suspected drug traffickers in exchange for the delivering special packages through the mail.

The AJC reports that as part of the drug trafficking scheme, the postal workers in question provided drug traffickers with a ‘special address‘ to list on the packages to ensure they were sorted out of the normal mail.

Those packages which according to federal authorities are believed to have contained kilos of cocaine, were then allegedly handed delivered directly to drug dealers operating within the same network as the traffickers.

Speaking on the matter, U.S. Attorney John Horn explained that “for cash in their pockets” the individuals “were willing to endanger themselves and the residents on their routes and bring harmful drugs into the community.”


According to a federal indictment unsealed today, the Atlanta metro area workers would give purported drug operators a special address to put on packages that supposedly contained kilograms of cocaine. The postal workers would pull out those packages and take them to the drug dealers, who were actually informants working with a federal sting operation. The packages contained fake drugs, according to federal authorities.

All 17 were arrested today and will appear before a federal magistrate this afternoon.

“The allegations contained in these federal indictments are disturbing to say the least,” said David LeValley, who is in charge of the FBI’s Atlanta field office.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are left wondering how maybe months in advance when need to mail out our Christmas cards to ensure those react their destination on time…


  • robert v g

    The dumb-ass fibies haven’t got someone serious to investigate,like Shrillary? Oh, I forgot, Lurch Comey exonerated her b4 investigation was over. So the Bureau had to concoct a sting against Postal workers just to give agents something to do? That’s pitiful use of my tax $.