Comey and the Attack of the Swamp Monsters


I feel like I’m watching something off a Hollywood set…

Comey and the Attack of the Swamp Monsters!

Here we have former FBI director James Comey — who led the cover up for Hillary Clinton and unilaterally made a decision beyond the scope of his authority NOT to prosecute her for obvious felonious actions — appearing before Congress like a beaten stray dog who was victimized by President Trump.

I actually thought Comey might break down in tears as he described the alleged abusive behavior by the President.

(Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth!)

Let’s be clear… the NEWS of today’s testimony is that President Trump was entirely truthful when he reported that Comey, on THREE occasions, told him that he was not under investigation for an alleged Russian conspiracy. Also, Comey confirmed that Mr. Trump did not try to impede or ask Comey to stop the Russia investigation. Thus, Comey directly confirmed the President’s assertions and affirmed that America’s Commander-in-Chief is NOT INVOLVED IN ANY RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY.

This ACTUAL news caused CNN to retract its prior “anonymously sourced” FAKE NEWS that Mr. Trump was not telling the truth. This news should essentially end the Russia investigation, at least as it is relates to the President.

But the SWAMP isn’t satisfied. Why? Because this was never about Russia. This was ALWAYS about creating a cloud of suspicion to hang over the President and paint him as a bully who is unfit for office.

And let’s be clear…

This is and always will be about keeping the SWAMP in power!

That’s because President Trump and his America First agenda are a fundamental threat to the SWAMP. So the Swamp Monsters are ganging up from both sides of the political aisle and the media to attack the President and cripple his agenda.

Can you even imagine a former FBI Director under Barack Obama going before Congress to unload about personal conversations with the former president regarding any of his scandals? Or Mr. Obama’s IRS Director volunteering a seven-page memo detailing how America’s “Radical-in-Chief” expressed dislike for Tea Party groups around the time of the IRS’ blatant, illegal and politically motivated targeting of those groups? (Targeting for which NO ONE was ever held accountable!)

Again, this is “Comey And The Attack Of The Swamp Monsters”!

+ + This is why we must DRAIN THE SWAMP!

After today’s Comey circus, Grassfire is accelerating our DRAIN THE SWAMP initiative. Right now, we are finalizing bold plans to take the DRAIN THE SWAMP message directly to the heart of the swamp. This headline-grabbing initiative could help galvanize a truly nationwide, grassroots DRAIN THE SWAMP movement that puts D.C. on notice that WE ARE WATCHING their every move with eagle eyes.

I expect to share the details of this next critical phase of our DRAIN THE SWAMP initiative within the coming week. But our first priority is to rally thousands and then tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of citizens to send a clarion call to President Trump and Congress to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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If we needed further proof that the SWAMP is out to destroy the President, we got it from Sen. Marco Rubio, who said during today’s hearing, “The only thing that’s never been leaked is the fact that the president was not personally under investigation.” The SWAMP never leaked the truth that confirmed the President was not under investigation because it didn’t fit their “fake news” narrative against him! They only leak news and “fake news” that undermine the Trump presidency.

And by the way, do you know why we even have a “special counsel” investigating the alleged Russia conspiracy? Because Comey himself admitted today that he LEAKED information (fake news) to the Swamp Media. Two days after the New York Times published Comey’s anti-Trump leak, the “special counsel” was launched.

The Swamp Monsters are on the attack. We must fight back. We must DRAIN THE SWAMP! Go here to join the national DRAIN THE SWAMP MOVEMENT.