Distraught Mother Destroys CNN Reporter LIVE On Air For Trying to Interview Victims While They Go Through Tragedy (VIDEO)


On one hand it could be argued that a lot of reporters are out there doing what they can to inform the rest of us on what’s going on in Texas. It’s true, after all, that a lot of the help flowing into Texas might not be coming if the rest of the world wasn’t educated on the enormous needs arising as the storm continues to pound the region.

That said, on the other hand some reporters don’t seem to be able to understand there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Some of these reporters nearly stumble over their own feet to get comments from flood victims the moment they’re rescued, apparently oblivious to the fact that their lives are now completely turned upside down.

One Houston mother gave the world a look at what can happen when that line is crossed and it wasn’t pretty. The Houston mother was drenched, shaken and completely distraught. A state in which one would think she and her family should probably be given a little space.

A CNN reporter immediately approached the woman and the outcome of the interview… not good for CNN. In fact, it was downright ugly.

LANGUAGE WARNING: NSWF and NOT family friendly language is used in this video, all of which was aired live on CNN.

  • Rebecca Kleitz

    All the woman had to do was walk away.
    Tons of people had done just that. Her going off on someone just doing their job, and who’d been helping people find loved ones and just wanted to know what that woman needed–was just simply uncalled for.
    If it wasn’t for those media outlets, and reporters–a lot of people wouldn’t have been rescued AT ALL, and certainly not as quickly.

    • Grapplingvine

      Oh please! Easy for you to say when you haven’t lost your home, your vehicle, everything you own, and your life has been turned upside down. You didn’t have to walk through 4 ft of water to get your kids food, or stand there with your kids shivering while the news media was photographing at your worst while shoving a microphone in your face. I imagine it would be like being in a car accident, and while you’re laying there in pain waiting for an ambulance to show up, you get a reporter from CNN asking you what it was like to being in an accident. I say if you aren’t there to help, get out of the way!

      • Rebecca Kleitz

        But, the reporters WERE helping. No one was exploited, and anyone who wanted the opportunity to speak was given that choice.
        Harvey’s wrath, was not that reporter’s fault.