EXCLUSIVE: Macy’s Makes Skyline of Chicago for Window Display, Leaves Out Trump Tower


Since its inception, the Macy’s flagship store on State Street in Chicago has been home to a spectacular holiday tradition. Each year the company has presented a window display featuring a specific theme. This year’s theme, designed and approved by Macy’s executives, was the Solar System.

Each window featured a planet, and each planet featured a different magical landscape. But, when spectators would look at the window design for Earth, they would not see a distant wintry wonderland, rather they would see a skyline of Chicago set in Manhattan.

Despite its problems, the city of Chicago is miraculously beautiful, due in no small part to the skyscrapers which the city had pioneered– clearly Macy’s wanted to pay tribute to the magic the city’s skyline has had for Chicagoans.

But there was something awry in the model, (excluding the city being set in Manhattan) especially to the keen eye. The skyline featured nearly all of Chicago’s landmarks and tallest skyscrapers– except one. Macy’s had snubbed the Trump Tower from the Chicago skyline.


In point fact, the Trump Tower is the second tallest building in Chicago, its presence is undeniable, its luxury is unmatched and its heavily identifiable style is nothing less than a city landmark. Moreover, the model was incredibly detailed, paying homage to even some of the smallest pieces of Chicago life, to say it was a mere oversight would simply be absurd. So why was it not featured in one of Chicago’s greatest holidays traditions?

The answer is as simple as it is petty. In July of 2015, Macy’s elected to drop the Trump clothing line, two weeks after Donald Trump’s statements regarding Mexican immigrants. Trump, understandably upset, called for a mass boycott of Macy’s.

Trump tweeted, “For all those who want to #makeamericagreatagain, boycott @Macys. They are weak on border control & stopping illegal immigration.”

And so, Macy’s suffered the boycott of legions of Trump’s supporters. The damage had been done to Macy’s afterwards was permanent– from several thousands of complaints against the store, to customers cutting up there Macy’s cards– Trump had dealt a significant blow.

Ignoring the Trump Tower is Macy’s way of saying “you’re dead to us Mr. Trump,” or “in our magical world, the Trump Tower doesn’t even exist.” But at the end of the day, Macy’s can ignore the Trump Tower as much as they would like- it still stands 1,388 feet above their heads.


  • Geotex

    Macy’s did not do Solar Systems, or carefully crafted Democratic Liberal views of Chicago’s skyline when I was younger. I recall as a small child, one of the biggest treats of the season was to go downtown and see every wonderful window Marshall Fields had on display, and go in the store and see the 5(?) story tall Christmas tree.

  • scottd38

    Macys is part of the liberal establishment…you will see the real to life Chris cringle in there before you see me!