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    Democrat Best and Brightest? - http://swansenreport.libertycube.com/2017/02/19/democrat-best-and-brightest/
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    BATR RealPolitik Newsletter - Purge Justice and State Departments - February 2, 2017http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=1f36c52155dbd59aea0b01d76&id=513238ff63&e=ed5705a7caPresident Trump needs to use his power to fire any politically defiant bureaucrat who is unwilling to implement his policies. Clean sweep the agencies of fifth column collectivists. Start at the Department of Justice and State and remove these dedicated traitors who work for the destruction of our constitutional republic.
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    What has happened to the add friends thing, Prior to today I was getting friend acceptance all day, now nothing, what's up with that!
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    @libby, Thanks for the friend request!
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    1.8 million immigrants hold jobs in the food industry in USA so thats 1.8 million jobs Americans cant get cause illegals have them. Sounds simple to me… Head em up and move em out…
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    The State of Colorado has been taken over by the Socialist Network of Political Correctness and the successful infiltration of the Karl Marx Manifesto. But of course the whole nation is faced with this Delima and President Trump is going to have one devil of a time rooting out all of the moles that Obama has embedded within the Federal System of Serfdome.
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    I tell ya, if it isn't one thing around here, it's another LOL Been dealing with a tiff between my mom and my sister and now have my brother calling me cause he wants info on the family tree, GAHHHHH So now I am researching right along with him LOL I did find out that we are 44.8% Native American haha
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