• Gittyup posted an update 3 months ago

    3 months ago

    I keep posting from time to time information regarding the Bundy/BLM Wars. A war that has seen the Government take land from Ranchers they had no right to and to ambush and gun down an unarmed man in that attempt. Lavoy Finnicum, a God fearing unarmed man whose only purpose in life was to do right was done wrong!

    I only hope that our New President Donald Trump will review this case and do the right thing. I also hope you will help in getting this incident back on the front burner. Many fine men are in jail for no legitimate reason, it’s time for their release!

    You may not agree but I put this ahead of the Wall, because this can be corrected with the stroke of a pen, today!

    • Rayburn

      3 months ago

      What was done is absolutely outrageous in a free country.