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    ixquick is a good substitute to Google
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    Division and Derision.
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    Nest Gems - A Country of Nihilist Oligarchshttp://www.batr.org/totalitariancollectivism/041216.htmlYou live in a society of malcontents ruled by a system of authoritarians. The conflict between unrealistic expectations and the raw force used to compel compliance is growing more intense. Only the walking dead are happy. Any thinking and intelligent person knows that the political hierarchy has lost its legitimacy. The result of the Curse of Multiculturalism has created a mentality malaise that chewed up our institutions, denigrated our social values and produced a progressive asylum of sick and disturbed free loaders. All the while the entrenched political class sucks the life blood from the average citizen, while lining their own pockets with public funds.
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    Received from an Oregon Resident (after the recent Portland "protest") PLEASE READ!While I was getting a coffee, I overheard 8 young people (22-26 years old, 4 males, 4 female) who have been protesting in downtown Portland the last two nights.I told them I was doing research and asked nicely if they would answer some questions. They were cool with it, so I sat down and went for it.Ø Three voted. Of the five who didn't, none was registered to vote.Ø None of them researched independently either candidate.Ø All were for Hillary but preferred Bernie.Ø Why the Democratic Candidate?"More things are taken care of." "Time to have a woman President." "Democrats aren't sexist or racist."Ø Six of them live at home.Ø All are under their parents insurance.Ø Two have "real" jobs.Ø Four aren't working, nor are they trying hard to find a job either.Ø Parents pay for everything in their life or subsidize it.Ø Six get money from mom or dad every month.Ø Three have been on unemployment for 6+ months.Ø One is at Portland State U, doesn't work, and parents pay for everything.Ø All 8 said Trump is a racist/sexist. I asked to cite proof ... "That tape, man!"Ø When I asked, as a man myself, “Have you ever said anything like that when you've been hanging out with your buddies? All four males said "Yes."Ø Would you say it if you knew you were on tape? All four answered "No."Ø What's the difference? I asked. “You've all said bad stuff like that. Does that mean you hate women and are a sexual predator?" Nothing. No answer.Ø None could tell me how our government works ... they didn't know how laws are passed, how the House of Representatives or the Senate work.Ø None could explain how a bill is passed.Ø Only one could tell me the difference between legal and illegal immigration. One of them said, "Legal immigration is when you immigrate legally." Seriously.Ø None could explain the purpose of the Electoral College or how it works. In 10 minutes they felt they had explained everything. Nice kids ... but so ignorant.I know some awesome, phenomenal young adults; but I'm afraid the majority are like this group. Too many participation trophies, too much coddling by parents and teachers.In 1944, 18 year-olds stormed the beach at Normandy into almost certain death.In 2016, 18-year-olds feel unsafe because words hurt their feelings.This country is in deep something!
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    Terror in Sweden. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/stockholm-terror-attack-hijack-lorry-10178926?service=responsive
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    I've got a new video up on Real American TV. Check it out.
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    This is so bold, brave, and patriotic. I love this guy. https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/video-ex-muslim-turned-bikers-powerful-message-to-muslims-in-america/#comment-211781
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    Trump is caving because he knows of the immenent global catastrophe that is looming just over the horizon. Please watch this video for the EXACT reason Trump is caving! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR-W-ONoJj8&t=79s
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    The “like” works but the counter isn’t working
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    1 hour until we're LIVE! Lots of stuff to talk about tonight.Watch and chat here: https://youtu.be/5oomcv7walo
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    Like I said. There going after Sean Hannity now!
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    Oh So Exceptionally Cool, sking with.....http://www.amazingpandph.com/waterskiing-girl/