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    It's time folks, James Comey should be toast, if all that is being reported is true and I suspect a lot of it is!I must admit, however, that one thing doesn't seem to make sense. It was already reported that he was killed by gunshot, not of his own doing, wouldn't they have removed the bullets before making such a claim, yet it is said the body was stolen before the bullets could be removed. After being in the grave for 23 years, I think the bullets would have been very easy to retract!Watch this video and all listed links shown!There has always been a fog cast over the death of Vince Foster with the Clintons heavily involved! We need to to get to the bottom of this before the bottom gets too damn deep!
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    Looks like the popularist, Nationalist revolution is over--the Globalists got to Trump. John "Hanoi" McCain even said he hope trump was pulled into the "establishment." Mr. Trump, hold a rally next week and see how many folks show up.
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    Today I achieved the age to know better. Wanna send me $10 to help me celebrate? LOL Nope I don't think I'll ever grow up.
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    If you want people to think your not illegal then just speak the language of the land. If you say thats Racist then I would have to ask you what race you are? If you say Mexican then I would have to laugh and tell you that Mexican is your ethnicity not your race! When you figure out that you are a part of the Human race then you can try to explain to me how I can be racist of my own race...Yes I am prejudice of various people but it has nothing to do with them being human, so I'm not racist!!! Ya just cant fix stupid!!!
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    I am an avid cyclist and hiker who loves the outdoors. Recently I have been getting into photography of nature with the help of a new telephoto lens on my DSLR camera.
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    but something...
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    Senior Home Care is a living assistance, home care agency helping seniors and disabled people attain the most comfortable of nursing assistance. We offer our services throughout Southern California, helping clients in Los Angeles County.
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