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    What has happened to the add friends thing, Prior to today I was getting friend acceptance all day, now nothing, what's up with that!
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    Can't wait for Trump to be inaugurated, and a new era of rebuilding America formally begins!
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    posted a photo
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    1.8 million immigrants hold jobs in the food industry in USA so thats 1.8 million jobs Americans cant get cause illegals have them. Sounds simple to me… Head em up and move em out…
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    Id like to know if my donations to grassfire are tax deductable
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    Hello, I must admit this site is confusing to me--guess I might be too "old" for new things, lol. But I "hate" Facebook, so thought I'd give it a try. In FB "friends" are picked for you, by the management, I guess, so it wasn't really honest "picking", right? So, if you've sent me a "friend" request, can you please also send me your profile? As for me, I'm an old farmer type, have numerous dogs, cats and two of the equine variety. However, I'm thinking of giving up riding while I'm ahead. (A friend just had a bad accident, but she survived.) Thanks for "friending" me! Evie
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