The following is a list of both paid and volunteer staff at Grassfire Social. Please feel free to contact these key members with any questions, comments or concerns regarding the new


Steve Elliott is a nationally recognized Internet communications specialist and conservative grassroots leader. Steve launched the concept of Grassfire in 2000 and today heads up the Grassfire Lab team as well as the news and Internet activism services of and its affiliated websites.Steve has more than two decades of experience as a communicator and development strategist. His work with Grassfire and a host of high-profile clients has placed him on the leading edge of online organizational development. Through his leadership, the Grassfire Lab team has helped build online databases worth tens of millions of dollars for our partners, employing innovative, asset-based strategies.A guest on dozens of radio and television programs, Steve has appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, CNN, CNBC, Alan Colmes, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck and Janet Parshall. A graduate of Regent University (M.A. Public Policy), he is the author of The Grassfire Effect (2005), 21 Supreme Court Issues Facing America (2006), The Book On Obama (2012), and Thriving In Exile (2012). Steve and his wife, Stacy, have five children and reside in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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Eric Odom heads our Interactive Media Network, Digital Platforms and News Division. He’s a tea party activist and self-described libertarian-minded political consultant. He was one of the first activists to respond to Rick Santelli’s infamous “tea party” rant. He built the original website that was used to plan for the February of 2009 tea parties and he built the first tea party website which served as the primary organizing hub for the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party.

In 2010 he was a part of Americans for New Leadership, an organization that raised $1.6 million to oppose Harry Reid, Dina Titus and several other liberal incumbents. Eric was named to the Top 100 Most Influential U.S. Conservatives by the UK Telegraph and was profiled by the New York Times. Eric’s media appearances include FOX News, MSNBC, CNN and various other major media networks.

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Jenna Leigh Richardson is an editor for our news site and manages all Grassfire published content here on Jenna has written and published thousands of stories for our network and is extremely in tune with the pulse of the daily news environment.

Jenna has covered many live events in very dangerous live situations. These include the Border Patrol/DHS blockade, the Ferguson riots, the open southern borders and many similar scenarios. She has published explosive, exclusive stories uncovering dark plots behind Agenda 21, Obama’s corrupt Middle East agenda and more.

Jenna also works as part of the community management crew here at Grassfire Social.

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  • @rickmann – Community Leader, prominent member and global forum moderator.
  • @NCastro – Community Leader, prominent member and global forum moderator.
  • @Trapper-John – Florida Group Leader
  • @Paul-Swansen – Wisconsin Group Leader