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    Eric Odom

    This coming weekend (First weekend in February) we’re rolling out the next version of (3.1.4) and I’ll have a post up explaining the new version of Grassfire here in the next few days.

    For we’re very excited to see a major upgrade to the entire site. This new upgrade will bring about a much faster system, new sections and a little bit better integration with

    The upgrade also brings about a new guest author section and we’re now extending invitations for Grassfire members to submit stories to the new This will provide you a great opportunity to reach a much larger audience with your content. is read by anywhere between 30,000 and 100,000 readers a day on average. So right out of the gate your stories, opinions and updates can tap into our audience, further extending your reach and influence online.

    Current guest author sections/topics include:

    • Opinion News
    • Culture & Hollywood
    • Daily News
    • War on Terror & Radical Islam
    • Viral News & Video
    • Politics & Elections

    If you’re interested in writing for (Yes you can even cross post from your own blog) we would love to hear from you.

    Send a writing sample my way at and let’s talk.

    -Eric Odom

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    The Oregon Stand Off, is it really a ‘Stand Off’ or a ‘Stand In’? Presently, it is a Stand In because no one has attempted to gain access which has been denied. Is it legal to do what these Militiamen are doing, well, no but was it legal to do what the Government did to cause this event, I think not, at least not completely so. Is this the first time there has been a feud over supposed Government Land, I say supposed because I doubt the Government legally owns any wide open land west of the Mississippi. They mostly acquired ownership by stealing it from others or condemning it from public use.
    I’m not sure what is going on is the right thing in this case but something has to be done about the Government’s overreach when acquiring land. In The first place, what right does the Federal Government have in taking any land from the States for any purpose. In some states up to 80% of the State’s land is designated Federal land, Utah is a good example.

    It has been rumored that the Rancher, the Hammonds, and the City of Burns residents do not want the help of the Militiamen, is that true, I don’t know. Probably, in the minds of the Militiamen, this is just as much a general objection to Government overreach as it is help to the Hammonds and other ranchers of the area. The Hammonds aren’t the only Ranchers being abused in Oregon and whether the Militiamen continue to take up their cause or do the other Ranchers even want their help, remains to be seen

    The Government owns anywhere from 30 to 85% of state land, that amounts to 640 million acres or 28% of the total surface of the United States. Isn’t it about time we took a stand. It’s extremely obvious that an armed revolution is coming, is the this the proper stimulus for that revolution, we know too little about it to make a judgement. If what is being reported about the BLM by the Independent News and what they are doing to the ranchers and others in the area, is true, then perhaps a serious look is warranted by the Main Stream Press and TV. The press has largely ignored this and the last time I checked, most of the members of the Press are Americans and should be just as concerned about injustice as those that have taken action. I call upon Fox and other News outlets to begin to give this some serious coverage so the American people understand what really is going on.

    There is mounting evidence that this has evolved into another one of Obama’s False Flag Events, trying to provoke an armed response to further his assertion that guns are bad. Unfortunately this one will backfire. If a shot is fired against these armed Militiamen without being fired upon, this will be the shot heard around the world, right or wrong, it will escalate into Obama’s worst nightmare. Contrary to popular belief, the Government can’t win this one and the reason is simple. The Government is limited in what they can do in a revolution, the American patriots are not. America’s Military has been on edge for a long time, waiting, perhaps, for the opportunity to push back against Obama’s push for dominance over the American people.

    I hope this doesn’t evolve into that opportunity, if this one isn’t it, the next one might be. I wish all Americans who have been bashing the Militiamen would take the time to research the situation before publishing errant remarks on the social Networks.

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    It’s exciting time to see Grassfire with this group is moving fast

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    I basically like the idea here, but it can become a real quagmire. iPatriot has tried this and I did contribute for a while, but it became a forum for the uniformed to spread a great deal of misinformation. People are posting ‘stories’ that are essentially rants with no logical focus nor basis in fact. They express their own wants, often with little or no training in proper English, with little and often no research into the actual situation about which they are commenting.

    I would like to write for this, but do not want to find myself surrounded by that.


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    Main question would be how much it pays…I’d do reports on the Virginia General Assembly again in a heartbeat if someone were paying for them! The trouble has been that all the sponsorship has come from real-world acquaintances who want to know that the bigger, richer world is putting something back into our local economy (via paying for posts or generally supporting my site), and what the bigger, richer world has been paying for has been posts about coffee, bicycles, and shoes. (The coffee post is live at my Blogspot, “How Do You Like Your Coffee,” for those interested. Other paid posts are scattered around the’Net.)

    I’d agree with the post above that Grassfire should take time to work with its news section to keep quality up to e.g. Freedomworks’ level, while also building the social side that Freedomworks phased out due to non-use. I was an English major, Dean’s List at Berea, and have worked as a copy editor but sometimes other people’s eyes catch what my tired eyes miss (especially when things show up differently on different screens), so I’ll be the first to say that human editing would be a good idea.

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    No complaints from me Eric!  Sounds like a great idea.  I sent you a writing sample that you should receive here shortly.  Keep up the great work!

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