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What's on your "camping" list?

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    Trapper John

    A while back, a friend of mine that was new to prepping, asked me if I could give him a list of items for him to accumulate for an emergency (make that “prepping”) situation. I put together a list of recommended items (see below). This is not a complete list. I know that other things can be added to the “camping” list. Feel free to add any items you deem necessary.

    Camping List

    Paper plates

    Plastic flatware

    Anti acid (Tums)




    Toilet paper

    Paper towels

    Baggies (gallon)

    Clothes pins


    Aluminum foil


    Tooth brush

    Tooth paste


    Water containers



    Fire grate


    Ground tarps

    Pet food



    Trash bags





    Shaving supplies

    Safety Pins

    Clothes pins

    Duct Tape


    Nail clippers

    Baking powder


    Bug Repellent


    Optional Items

    Solar panels

    Storage batteries

    Power inverter


    Safety Pins

    Fishing Tackle





    Tape measure

    5 gallon bucket.

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    Eric Odom

    Fantastic list and great topic. Think I might do a video on this subject next week when I get my voice back (sick).

    Profile gravatar of Trapper John
    Trapper John

    Eric – Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Profile gravatar of freethinker

    I’m new so pardon me if I am out of line.  Are we talking about camping or a “bug-out” kit?

    Profile gravatar of Trapper John
    Trapper John

    You are not out of line.

    Either one…there are pretty much the same.

    “Camping List” is kind of tongue in cheek.

    Profile gravatar of freethinker

    Okay, well I kind of figured it was but wanted to make sure.  I made up survival/emergency fanny packs for my friends and I to carry on our ATV’s in case of an accident in the middle of nowhere but I’ll grab it in a bug out situation as well.  I’ll get a list together of what is in it.  I would love feedback on it of anything anyone else thinks it could use.  There is very limited space being a fanny pack so it will only hold so much.

    Profile gravatar of ncastro

    Get that list, get that list!!!!   😛

    Profile gravatar of Trapper John
    Trapper John

    @ Freethinker – I would like for you to list what you put in your ATV packs. It would be a great help for everyone. I’m sure, we all know there is no “one” list for every prepping situation. I carry my personalized kit with me everyday. It’s designed to accommodate my daily activities and sustain me for 3 days should something go wrong. Within my kit, I include a first aid kit. Even the contents of my first aid kit are personalized for my daily activities and what ever first responder  needs I may have.

    Profile gravatar of freethinker

    Emergency whistle/compass/matches

    Survival blanket & Survival Sleeping bag

    Parachute cord

    folding knife and sharpener

    multi tool


    sewing kit

    water purification tablets

    Forever match

    Emergency candles

    magnesium fire starter

    glow sticks

    small first aid kit

    3×4 gauze pads

    medical tape

    antibiotic gel

    trauma sheers

    suture kits

    locking forceps

    fingernail clippers

    medical gloves


    wire saw

    Emergency fanny pack for ATVNow I’m an EMT so I feel pretty comfortable with the medical stuff and having to stitch myself or someone else up although it is not what EMT’s do in the field.

    I would love input on what others think would be valuable to have that is small and doesn’t take up much room.   I’m going to add some tie wraps and super glue too.

    Profile gravatar of Trapper John
    Trapper John

    @freethinker – That is a great little pack. It is well thought out and will cover a lot of “on trail” urgent situations. It would also be a great pack for day hikers or even kept in a car. As for me, I would add bug repellent.  Biting insects can get pretty nasty here in south Florida.

    Profile gravatar of freethinker

    Thanks, it was originally meant as a “on trail” pack that could double for a camping situation.  The bug repellent is an excellent idea and even a bug net for my head would take up no room and or add any weight.  I’m also going to add a small roll of electrical tape and small pack of baby wipes as well as Ibuprofen.  There is already bug repellent, sun screen, toilet paper, a coat, gloves, hat, water bottles and small jumper cable pack on my ATV in the side packs.

    I’m thinking that your geographical location could greatly effect what you might want in your pack for extras.  I live out west so I hadn’t thought of the bug issue as much as you do in southern Florida.  Everyone should think about their local conditions and how they effect what you might need.

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