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High School Teacher Who Published Instagram Video of herself ‘Shooting’ Trump Now in Hot Water (VIDEO)

It seemed like just yesterday that things even shaped like guns would get a student suspended. That was Obama’s world, of course. My how times have changed.

A Texas High School teacher named Payal Modi is now in hot water for posting an Instagram video of herself shooting at Trump with a water gun in her classroom. While, yes, it’s just a water gun, her demeanor is a little disconcerting to say the least. Especially considering that she yells “die” as she fires at Trump’s image on the white board. And what kind of message does this send to students?

Modi’s Instagram account is now locked down but the video has been published to YouTube.

School officials are investigating the situation and the Secret Service is aware of the incident.

So high school teachers can now act out assassinations of a President when during Obama’s Presidency a student would get suspended for using a stick as a pretend gun on the playground?

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