Hope in the Night…


One of the most fascinating elements to me about the Christmas story is that Jesus was born at night. This certainly was no accident.

In the darkness of night, God tore the veil between heaven and earth and took on flesh. Perhaps this was to remind us that “the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” Hope in the night has come.

Here’s a song I wrote to this theme not too long ago. (You can listen to a VERY scratch recording here.)

Merry Christmas!


In the darkest night
One true light still shines
A babe is born in time
Hope for all to find

Angels sing His song
And so we sing along

Hope in the night has come
Light of the world has dawned
Good news great joy for all
A Savior is born
He is Christ the Lord

(Verse two)
Through the night they come
Follow a star to a throne
See a babe has been born
With gifts the King they adore

(Verse three)
In my darkest night
When doubt clouds my sight
Light of the world still shines
So I sing, I sing one more time

  • genedodaro

    Really good, Steve. Thanks for sharing. Have a Blessed Christmas. Gene & Carol

  • Adela Sanchietti

    I love the words, wish I could hear the song too!