How Trump CANNOT LOSE Election!



According to Establishment pundits, despite the earth-shaking Hillary scandal news along with the seismic move in the polls in Trump’s favor, Trump still has almost no chance to win. Every “update” from the “Decision Desk” shows Hillary with already enough electoral-college votes.

Not so fast!

Trump is SURGING in the key battleground states he must win, starting with the TWO BIG PRIZES he absolutely must have…

Ohio and Florida. Without these two states, Trump loses. It’s really that simple.

The news for Trump out of OH and FL is extremely encouraging. Early voting in Florida is already breaking his way with a huge surge in Trump-likely voters, while the African-American early vote is far below 2012 levels. Trump now leads in the polls and WILL LIKELY win Florida.

Ohio looks even better for Trump with a recent poll showing +5 percent for Trump and the polling average at Trump +2.5 percent. Every Republican path to victory in recent memory has always included an Ohio victory.

But that’s not enough… those states basically give Trump a shot.

We think Trump wins Iowa, especially after the recent double police shooting there, which will remind people that we need a president who will uphold law and order.

And let’s assume Trump loses Pennsylvania. (It’s a long shot to win there… kind of “fools gold” for recent GOP nominees.)

+ + Trump’s “No Lose” Path…nolose2

With wins in FL, NC and IA, Trump still has to win in at least TWO MORE PLACES to ensure that he CANNOT LOSE the election.

North Carolina and Colorado (or Virginia).

This explains why Team Hillary is loading up in North Carolina. North Carolina is Clinton’s firewall. If election night starts to go bad for Team Hillary in Florida and Ohio, they probably can derail the Trump Train with a win in North Carolina.

But if Trump wins North Carolina, he would then be on the verge of victory (or at least a NO-LOSE path to the White House). And it’s possible. This morning, Real Clear Politics listed the Tar Heel State as +0.7 percent for Trump.

And listen to this “just in” from CNN. Based on an analysis of early voting trends, “Republicans appear to be in better position than they were in previous presidential elections in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio.”

So let’s give NC to Trump. He needs one more significant state.

If he wins Colorado, he CANNOT LOSE and at worst we could have a tie (seriously).

If Trump wins Virginia, he WINS the White House. And I think Virginia is a real possibility. In our recent governor’s race, the radical Clinton candidate was +12 percent less than two weeks out and won by only 2.5 percent. Virginia is tightening in a similar fashion, with Hillary +10 percent about a week ago and the race almost within the margin of error in the latest survey. (BTW, if on Election Night, the FOX News team announces early that Trump won Virginia, watch for a clear and convincing victory for Trump. But a Trump loss in VA does not end things for him.)

So despite what the pundits are saying, Trump CAN win.

And we fully expect at least one more major NOVEMBER SURPRISE to come out of Wikileaks. (Our guess is tomorrow). Here’s why… Our research team scanned the already-released emails and noticed a curious omission:

There are only a handful of emails “from” Hillary Clinton’s personal email addresses, and almost none from the address, hdr22@clintonemail, that she (illegally) used while she was Secretary of State. What if Assange and team released a mother lode of Hillary-to-Podesta emails that definitively connected the dots to any of the Clinton scandals (pay to play, illegal classified emails, lying to Congress and the FBI, Benghazi-Syria-ISIS gun running, etc.)?

Even without another shocker, Trump’s trajectory, we believe, can put him on a NO LOSE path to victory.