How We’re Shocking The Establishment…


On Thursday night, Paul Ryan and his RINO cohorts held yet another secret meeting to decide if they could ram through their latest “amendment” to ObamaCare (NOT a repeal).

Their plan was to rush their revised bill to the House floor and pass it yesterday before any of us noticed.

Let’s be clear — this is a RINO, non-repeal that only amends ObamaCare.

I can almost see Ryan and his team looking at each other and asking the key question..

“Do we have the votes?”

The answer was, no. Too many members of Congress were still undecided. I’m sure Ryan and the Establishment leaders’ heads are exploding. It was their second failed effort to pass a very bad ObamaCare amendment.

Ryan will never admit it, but patriotic, liberty-loving Americans shocked the Establishment and their plans to sneak through their tweaked version of ObamaCare! And Grassfire team members played a key role in exposing their trickery.

Also yesterday, Ryan was rushing through a one-week emergency funding bill because they couldn’t get the votes together on their “backroom deal” to fund the government without funding the border wall. Why? In large part because of pressure from grassroots groups like Grassfire and our million-strong team. You have been flooding Congress with faxes, petitions and phone calls demanding that they keep their promise and build the border wall.

In many ways, it’s been a lonely fight for liberty loving Americans. We want to jump on board, but we’re treated with more of the same from the Establishment RINOs in Congress — deceptions, backroom deals, manipulation, and no real change. No draining of the swamp. No ObamaCare repeal. No funding for the border wall. While President Trump has been fighting on every front, Ryan and his team are stabbing him in the back.

So we fight, because we must stand for liberty and stand for the swamp to be drained! If it does not happen now, our country may be lost.

But I must be frank with you…

The battle against the Establishment has not been easy. Here at Grassfire, we have faced some of the most challenging months in our organization’s history. While organizations like the ACLU and other far-left Establishment groups have seen a dramatic increase in support, we have seen a decrease in help from our team — at just the time we must expand what we are doing to expose the Establishment’s plans and stand for liberty.

So now as we come to the end of April, we face a serious shortfall, and I’m turning to our Grassfire team for help. Specifically, we need $20,000 over the next week to keep our team engaged in these critical battle.

<#sal_first_name#>, will you help me meet this critical need? Please go here now to help Grassfire so we can fight back against the Establishment’s vicious campaign to discredit your voice in our nation

+ + We are building to fight the Establishment and Drain The Swamp!

Grassfire remains one of the largest and most impactful independent voices for liberty and limited government in our land. Each week, we reach 2-3 million people with updates and action items. But we are not stopping here. In fact, we just re-designed our site to provide more insightful news and analysis. Plus, is now even more focused on building the new citizen action network that can fight these battles.

But as we predicted, the Establishment will not give up control over our country without a fight. They ARE the swamp and they have no intention of draining the swamp. In fact, they want to destroy President Trump’s “America First” agenda.

That’s why meeting our critical need right now is so important.

I have nowhere else to turn but friends like you. Will you stand with me to meet this Emergency Need and fight back against the Establishment’s massive attack campaign? Go here.

Thank you so much for standing with Grassfire!