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Iowa Favors Cruz Over Trump – Cruz Wins Big!


Donald Trump, the media and the pollsters are the big losers of the night. The big winner? Ted Cruz by a mile!

Trump ran an amazing effort in Iowa. His campaign brought in a new style of campaigning unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And while it it did result in nearly 40,000 votes, it wasn’t enough to outperform the well oiled grassroots get-out-the-vote machine built by Ted Cruz.

As of the moment we’re a few precincts away from 100% precincts reporting and Ted Cruz stands at 28% with more than 43,000 votes. The full list at 99% reporting can be viewed below.

  1. Ted Cruz – 28%
  2. Donald Trump – 24%
  3. Marco Rubio – 23%
  4. Ben Carson – 9%
  5. Rand Paul – 4%
  6. Jeb Bush – 3%
  7. John Kasich – 2%
  8. Carly Fiorina – 2%
  9. Mike Huckabee – 2%
  10. Chris Christie – 2%
  11. Rick Santorum – 1%

Ted Cruz is to be commended for a truly astonishing organization and campaign in Iowa. His team built a network of some 12,000 volunteers. His campaign brought him for a visit to all 99 counties. They made more than 20,000 calls on multiple days.

Trump was simply out campaigned at every turn. And contrary to what the media wanted us to believe, voters ultimately chose the message of Cruz to carry the trophy for Iowa’s top vote winner.

Cruz now moves on to the next few states with the best organization in the GOP primary, the most cash on hand and momentum to continue building.

Now on to New Hampshire we go!

  • Karenaline

    Wins “BIG”? I wouldn’t go that far…yes, he won, but not by a landslide!!

  • Country Girl

    I think Trump knew that by not participating in the last debate it would cost him some votes in Iowa. I think he took a calculated and most likely has a plan. He knows that things can change over the next few months. I am still undecided, as I think many others my be. The poll numbers and caucus results won’t sway my vote.

  • RockyMtn1776

    Look at it this way, this election is not over until the fat lady signs. I’m still not counting out Trump, I still think he is the only candidate that will do what must be done to save America. Plus, he is the only candidate not bought and paid for by outside interests.
    I ill vote for Cruz if he ends up being the nominee but I still do not entirely trust him. In the past he has shown signs of RINOism.