“Itobragncfi.” (EE-tow-brag-NICK-fee)

We jokingly say it around the office from time to time…

It’s a made-up acronym for “I’m Tired Of Being Right And Getting No Credit For It!” And it kind of describes what it’s been like being a patriotic conservative these past few years…

  • We were RIGHT on the immigration crisis, long before it became national news.
  • We were RIGHT on ObamaCare.
  • We were RIGHT on Benghazi being a Hillary Clinton cover-up involving gun-running to Syria.
  • We were RIGHT on Barack Obama’s “hate America” foreign policy betrayal, including the former president’s open targeting of Israel as part of his effort to radicalize the Middle East with a bogus “Arab Spring.”
  • We were RIGHT on the Iran Deal… and TPP… and the Paris Accord… and the Keystone Pipeline… and the bogus global-warming catastrophe.
  • We were RIGHT on the “Hillary For Prison” scandals — her treasonous email scandal, the pay-for-play scandal, the Uranium One scandal, the fake-Russian-dossier scandal. Years ago, we said she should be in jail, and we were right!
  • We were RIGHT on the RINO GOP leadership’s repeated “play fight and surrender” betrayal of the movement.
  • We were RIGHT to stand for “America First” and demand that our political representatives consider the values and interests of our country ABOVE those of other countries.
  • And … we were RIGHT on Donald Trump being elected president, as well as his incredible success during his first year in office.

Trump: Year One has been historic! When the Bushies, National Review, Mark Levin, Drudge, and others were throwing the President under the bus, we weren’t distracted by Mr. Trump’s unorthodox methods. Instead, true conservatives stayed focused on how he was implementing his “America First” agenda.

It’s been stunning.

Yes, President Trump has offended just about everybody.

We say GOOD!

It’s about time we had a president who would stand with us in the “political ring” and join us in throwing some real punches at the Establishment! For years, it’s been a lonely fight for us patriotic conservatives. They say Trump is crazy. Well, they’ve been saying patriotic conservatives are crazy for years! They’ve targeted us using the IRS and with their “hate” labeling. And they’ve blamed us for everything from the weather to a so-called “war on women” (when we were the ones respecting women), to any and every clash in the streets. According to the “elites” in D.C., Hollywood and Silicon Valley, conservatives are to blame for EVERYTHING.

And now, slowly but steadily, some of those opposing voices are coming around and discovering we were RIGHT.

But you and I, as grassroots conservatives, will never get the credit. When Mark Levin does a 180 and starts calling Trump the greatest president since Reagan, he won’t give you and me any credit. When they finally start investigating Crooked Hillary, they won’t thank us for the hundreds of thousands of petitions and phone calls we sent to Washington. And when they finally repeal ObamaCare, they won’t recognize us for holding the line in the darkest of Obama nights.

And that’s okay.


We’re supposed to be a totally independent voice, like the longhaired prophets in the Bible who were a “voice crying in the wilderness.”

We are here for the express purpose of SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER and being TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of the Swamp and all it’s entrapments.

But to fulfill this role, I need your help.

I’ve been telling you about our critical $30,000 year-end need. As of today, we are still far short of that goal.

  • We don’t have any “deep pocketed” friends…
  • We’ll never take a dime from the government…
  • We’re not invited to any of the D.C. parties…
  • And we really DON’T CARE if we ever get any credit.

We just want to help rally this million-strong army to be a VOICE OF TRUTH in our culture.

Will you help?

I’m asking for you to partner with us in a special way right now.

If you believe in the work of Grassfire, would you help me meet this critical goal so we can stand at the center of the fight to make our nation great again? Go here:

Thanks for listening. And thanks, in advance, for your help.

Steve Elliott