Jimmy Kimmel Says “Riddance” To Conservative Viewers (Video)


Jimmy Kimmel just wrote off conservative viewers, saying “riddance” (while laughing) to his shrinking Republican viewership.. After noting that he has already lost 30% of his Republican viewers, he said he would “do it again in a heartbeat,” speaking of his hard turn to the left on his show. “If they’re so turned off by my opinion on healthcare and gun violence then… I probably wouldn’t want to have a conversation with them anyways…. Riddance (with a laugh).”

The feeling is mutual. Go here to return the “Riddance” To Kimmel:


  • Thunderboy1

    They’re not turned off by your opinions. They’re turned off by your lies.

    • Wilfred Camilleri

      No, by his stupidity actually!

  • Domingo

    They’re just that Jimmy, an opinion. Everyones got em. You choose to spill yours on you’re show and say riddance to those who may disagree. Oh the hypocrisy of the left. Just do your show and you would be ok.

  • Steve

    Remember “The Man Show” then remember who this guy really is – not someone to be asking any advise of, that’s for sure! Doh!

  • mcd1948

    From the guy who induced women on the street to grab his crotch. Yes, hes SUCH an intellectual.

  • Carol

    I remember years ago when comedians were actually funny and watchable. Now all they do is talk politics.

    • robert v g

      Kimmel could have kept viewers by telling 5 ordinary jokes+3 Dem+ 3 Repub.Then we all could have laughed together. I don’t believe he’s lost just 30% of R.s;more like 90%.

  • billybobz

    Unfortunately, there are way too many cowardly, blivets who will continue to watch this demented hate pig no matter what he says about them.

  • Kimmel is a sock puppet stooge for the globalists who run the major news and entertainment industries. See the CFR website for further details.

    “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses” – Vladimir Lenin

    “The goal of socialism is communism” – Vladimir Lenin

    “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” – Barack Obama

    See: “AGENDA – Grinding America Down” – vimeo

    • Larry Panetta

      Who is up sock puppet Kimmel’s rearend? Soros, Clinton, (S)Weinstein, Schumer, Pelosi…?

  • Justin Meyer

    I’m a conservative and a former Republican. I’m wholesale independent now. I’ll vote for the person who reflects my desires and the country’s good over any party. My message to fellow citizens is you are following a man who is double-minded and is using the GOP as his platform to advance..guess who..HIM! I did not want HRC to win and am glad she didn’t but I am sorely regretting DJT as the POTUS. The GOP has all the branches of government and they can’t get anything done..due to.. again, guess who..DJT! He really is a man-child. He can’t speak extemporaneously at all. He doesn’t have facts. He makes crap up. And don’t give me the line that I’m watching “fake” news. News ceases to be fake when they have video of him saying his child talk. I don’t need the “Fake” news to tell me so, I’ve watched him myself do it through his interviews and statements. He is not trustworthy and he is about himself and his family. No one else. John Kasich should be the POTUS. (Or even..ick..Cruz. Cruz lost my respect when he adamantly would not endorse DJT and then turned around and did. Does anyone in this party have convictions??) No, the GOP is about the GOP. Not country. Not America first. The party and the party alone; the good of the country be damned in their eyes. They’re greedy and will not hesitate to take from you..the regular citizens..to advance their cause, not yours. Pull your head out of your respective “a**es and vote this man (and others like him) out!

    • Terry

      Conservative my ass , You Lie’ing Bastard . Spread your crap if you must but have enough balls to tell who you really are a POS liberal heading down that socialist path.

      • Justin Meyer

        Who gives a rip if you believe it or not. It’s true. And he’s a phony and so are you. Enjoy!

      • Justin Meyer

        Oh, and it’s spelled “lying.” Might want to get some real education before you mouth off.

      • George Ferguson

        Whats up with that, you actually believe it is only liberals tell the truth, come on, if you cheer DJT when he lies which he does a lot what does that make you? you either uninformed or a liar yourself. This is serious time, does conservatives love DJT because he is selfish, act stupid, lies always, make false claims or is it because he do not care about this country or its citizens which he demonstrate with pride or because there is no one else to fill his space.

    • George Ferguson

      You are right, right not the biggest puppet show is in washington, DJT is all about him and everyone else is his poppy show. Anyone who see for themselves knows what reality is. Justin Mayer you hit the nail on the head, we should not support anyone regardless of how many lies they tell, how many destructive thing they do or want to do that does not benefit the country or the citizen because of commitment to a party. Anyone who believe that DJT is working for this country or its citizen is hallucinating.

      • Chris Simoninci


  • D. Haynes

    The problem, Jimmy is that it’s not a conversation at all. No one gets to speak but you. That’s called a lecture. Your job is to entertain, not put down the POTUS. I used to love watching your show but turned it off when you made it a liberal platform.

    • David Gassman

      I did the same with Fallon. I just go to bed earlier now. Who needs them anyway?!

    • drwildone

      And your problem is no one can disagree with your Trump. Even if he starts WW III nuclear war. Even if he tells Puerto Rico to suck it up! Even if he takes your health care away, because he let you take your guns to a Country Concert.

      • Marianne Bernard

        Trump helped Puerto Rico. Check it out before you open you stupid liberal mouth. As for healthcare, did you not get the memo that Obamacare was going through the roof and no one could afford it. Guess you didn’t.

      • D. Haynes

        I don’t mind if you (OR JIMMY) disagrees with Trump. But Jimmy’s job is not to use his work platform to express his opinion. The only way to not have to listen to it is to “turn it off”. If you would actually listen to Trump speak instead of the media HEADLINES, I think you would see that he is for the people in this country and not the politicians. Obama ran this country into the ground and we had to watch it happen. So quit your whining. PS: I don’t own a gun and I don’t go to concerts.

      • John Pastirchak


        “Even if he starts WWlll…”
        Wrong. Trump’s preemptive posture on N. Korea will PREVENT WWlll,. He has abandoned a faulty foreign policy typical of a list of White House predecessors which, remarkably, even includes the revered Ronald Reagan: throwing a bone to silence a mad dog. As Trump knows, this strategy has never worked. Despots like Kim understand only one message: resolve.

        “Even if he tells Puerto Rico to suck it up!”
        Wrong. Yes, he did shoot straight about the truth behind much of the island’s post-Maria woes. Puerto Rico’s recovery problems have been aggravated by a long neglected power grid, local administrative corruption and suspicious distribution protocols on the ground. In contrast, Trump’s prompt and generous relief policy was highlighted by a personal donation of $1-million, a gesture his predecessor never did.

        “…he let you take your guns to a Country Concert.”
        Wrong. The Vegas assault was the work of a deranged lunatic. Guns were as responsible for the shootings as a car driven by a drunk who plows into a church parking lot. Few as they are, common sense Democrats have acknowledged that no gun law would have prevented this massacre. Same goes for Orlando and San Bernardino.

        I try not to personalize disagreements. I’m happy to offer you the benefit of the doubt that, like many, you’ve been deceived by ideologically driven half truths and bona fide lies you believe simply on the merits of “news” delivered by Left Wing media.

        One fact I will NOT debate with you or anyone is the orchestrated anti-Trump campaigns of CNN and the so-called Big-3. Rather, I encourage you to surf. If like many on the Left you suffer an aversion to FOX, I suggest watching OAN, whose hard news coverage is slant-free, straight up and honest. But be warned– patriots here do not tolerate Liberal fluff. Disagree if you must, but do so armed with wisdom born of a more thorough vetting of the news. Otherwise prepare for smackdowns far more hostile than mine. I wish you well.

        • shropster

          You’re nicer than me.

        • glamdeluxe

          You are a kind man.

      • Shelley

        I was out of work. I am a single woman. I could not get Obamacare as you have to be an employee or an employer. Check it out. They gave me a confirmation number so I wouldn’t get in trouble with the government. I had the money to pay which the cheapest over a year ago was $360 something a month. I have heard it has gotten much higher. SOCIALIZED medicine does NOT work. They treat you with antibiotics until your gall bladder ruptures. Fact!! I know a nurse in London. There are many more stories. The point is no body is turned away from the hospitals in this country. I am a nurse and worked in a hospital. I can tell you for a fact that most of the people where I worked did not have insurance and they were not turned away.

      • glamdeluxe

        HA HA HA! I love this over the top ridiculousness . Please continue to spread your half baked over the top bolshevik style propaganda. It pushes more and more people away from the Fascist democrats and RINO’s.

  • Larry Panetta

    President Trump should show up unannounced on the live Kimmel show with his secret service detail and have them arrest Kimmel for verbal harassment and threatening a sitting President. Maybe Jimmy could “accidentally” fall down some stairs on the way to him being incarcerated. THAT would be television worth watching!

  • Larry Panetta

    President Trump should show up unannounced on the live Kimmel show with his secret service detail and have them arrest Kimmel for verbal harassment and threatening a sitting President.THAT would be television worth watching!

  • George Ferguson

    I really did not know that healthcare and gun violence was a liberal thing, I must research it to see why. I cannot remember watching his show but gun violence is not a good thing for anyone, as for healthcare I take care of my health myself.

    • William T. Ringo

      No, gun violence is not a good thing, but that doesn’t stop Hollywood producing some of the most violent movies ever. They never stop to think how this can warp a youngster’s mind to some extent, some more than others, if they are not supervised by their parents, and we know that no supervision is the case much too often now. Not only that, but they listen to it in the music they listen to, and they see so much disrespect in sports. They see it every where, and it has to have an effect, and much too often it sends some on the edge, to do unspeakable things!!

  • remuda

    Kimmel says: “My psychiatrist told me I’m going crazy”.

    He told his shrink: “If you don’t mind, I’d like a second opinion.”

    Shrink said: “All right…You’re ugly too!”
    (Rodney Dangerfield)

  • John Pastirchak

    Kimmel may be second guessing our resolve. Similar to the misread of Trump supporters last Fall, show producers may be laughing us off. All the more reason to dig in and boycott.

  • Candy Clanton

    He doesn’t have to say anything – i stopped watching him when he first came on the Tube!

  • dheydrick

    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, it seems you’ve fallen into that same trap that most Hollywood political pundits get into thinking that they need to share their political (usually liberal) opinions via their talk show platform in the first place and then further believe that people actually care about their political views, when in fact, viewers are only looking to be entertained. I wish everyone could agree with your liberal political views regarding healthcare and/or government gun control, but then everyone would be wrong. Your statement, “… probably wouldn’t want to have a conversation with them anyway” speaks volumes to how your opinion might hold water against truth and facts. But, that seems to be the norm these days. Scream and point to racism where it doesn’t exist, turn into snowflakes when you’re not a winner, riot when even the thought of another opinion might be heard, or never call out evil behavior unless it fits the narrative and furthers the agenda. For the record, I would love to have a conversation with you.

  • Dondh

    Not only are you an anti-American, you are one of many Libturds who couldn’t take your crininal and bold faced liar losing this last presidential, election! Do you understand who I am talking about? Let me refresh your memory, Hillary Clinton who has the audacity to even think of running again. If the next presidential election, if any national election is done according to our laws, there will be no millions of undocumented illegals, dead people and who knows who else not eligible to vote, will be coerced by paying or promising perks of all kinds into voting for the Libtard candidate. For your information, that’s the only reason why your idiot candidate won the popular vote during this past presidential election. Thank God the Electoral College was smart enough to get the right man, President Trump, into the Presidency of our great country. If she would have been elected, our country would have continued on the pathway to destruction that your former illegal Muslim President Ovomit put our country on!!! President Trump in his first 8-9 months in office has already much more good for the American people that Obama did in his 8 years in Washington. When are you LIbtards going to wise up and see what a great country we can have once again giving equal consideration to Conservatism, legal voting, Christians being allowed to practice Christianity, stop attacking the Jewish Nation, stop harboring illegal criminals in Sanctuary cities, getting rid of Muslim terrorists and making sure new Muslims comiing into our country will conform to the American laws and ways of life, not meaning they can’t continue practicing their religion but not allowing Sharia Law, a terrible law against humanity, especially against women and young girls. So, get with the program and let’s help President Trump make America great again!!

  • Sharon

    Watch out Jimmy, your pedestal is about to tumble down.

  • Steve Minor

    Take a knee…

  • RH

    LOL, never watched it anyway.
    In fact, In May of 1991 was the last time I watched a “late night” talk show.
    That happened to be when Johnny Carson RETIRED.
    A liberal, but he kept it IN CHECK.

  • glamdeluxe

    Kimmel is a fascist.