Marco Rubio Is At It Again


Marco Rubio is at it again…

When asked over the weekend about the “special counsel” investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump and the Russians, Rubio rejected the president’s characterization of the entire affair as a “witch hunt.” Rubio told CNN:

“I wouldn’t use the term witch hunt…. I want to know the truth, I want to know the entire truth, I want us to put it in a report.”

But Mr. Rubio, even your Democrat friends in the Senate have openly admitted that they have seen NO EVIDENCE of the alleged collusion! It seems Rubio is buying the same line of logic that Sen. Feinstein is using who said that in the absence of evidence, we should investigate based on “all kinds of rumors” and “newspaper reports.”

Thanks for nothing, Little Marco! But we’re not surprised, given the fact that you sold yourself over to the Establishment long ago when you betrayed the conservative base and ran as the hero to the Big Government RINOs inside the beltway.

As I recall, you lost in overwhelming fashion to Donald Trump.

This IS a witch hunt. With no evidence, the DC Establishment is relying on rumors in order to discredit the sitting president and his “make America great” agenda.

And sadly, it’s going to work — especially if citizens stay silent.

+ + My biggest frustration…

Quite frankly, that’s been my biggest frustration — the silence of patriotic Americans! Far too many of us have been silent as the Left and Hollywood have tarred and feathered this President. We assumed there would be some decency and protocol — that President Trump would be given an opportunity to launch his Make America Great Again agenda.

Not a chance.

Less than four months into his presidency, they already have laid the groundwork for impeachment. And they are using every opportunity to foment their “resistance.” A handful of students at Notre Dame walked out on Vice President Pence’s commencement speech and it became national news. Now, the DNC is announcing a massive “Resistance Summer” set to launch next month to facilitate a massive anti-Trump movement to destroy this president.

If you are outraged, here’s one thing you can do..

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If you care about our country…

If you want to retain any hope that we can actually DRAIN THE SWAMP… secure the borders… rebuild our economy… repeal ObamaCare…

Then we must fight back!

Go here now to send a message to your two Senators, your Rep., the entire House and Senate leadership and other members of Congress, letting them know how OUTRAGED you are by the WITCH HUNT against President Trump:

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As you can see, even Republicans are joining the chorus against President Trump. RINO Rubio refused to call this a witch hunt and supported the Left’s “special counsel” attack.

We must PUSH BACK!

Let’s stop the Anti-Trump Witch Hunt!