Nailed It On The Dem’s “Hostage” Plans On Next FBI Director (Wish we hadn’t)


I know you’re wondering…

How do those Grassfire guys keep nailing it?

After all…

We told you ahead of time what what happening with the emergency spending bill — how the RINOs were working a backroom deal for weeks that rubber-stamped the Obama agenda and banned funding for the border wall.

And we went to you far ahead of the votes and made it clear that Paul Ryan’s healthcare “repeal” was not a repeal at all! In fact, the Ryan-TrumpCare House bill is an endorsement of Obama’s statist vision of healthcare that leaves the entitlement culture and spending in place.

And as I’m sure you’ll recall, Grassfire was far ahead of the curve on predicting the “citizen revolt” that would rock the 2016 election cycle. I even went so far as to write a book predicting Trump’s victory two months before the first primary votes were cast!

Which brings us to this weekend…

If you watched any of the weekend shows that were talking about the Democrats’ outrageous response to the Comey firing, perhaps you found yourself saying…

Dang, those Grassfire guys were right again!

In case you missed it, Chuck Schumer couldn’t stop talking about how he is going to hold the next FBI Director hostage until Trump agrees to a special prosecutor. The top Democrat in the Senate endorsed the movement among Democrat Senators to block any confirmation of a new FBI director until a special prosecutor is hired. This is open political blackmail!

Many are skipping the special prosecutor and moving straight to impeachment. Joe Scarborough claimed it is almost indisputable that “what Donald Trump has admitted already on national television could rise to the level of obstruction of justice” and thus is grounds for articles of impeachment.

+ + Trump Presidency Under Siege!

We have been watching for months as the anti-Trump radicals have lost their minds with outrageous protests and head-in-the-sand denials of the Trump presidency. But this is different.

We believe this is the first very serious crisis that could fundamentally threaten the Trump presidency! With talk of impeachment and blatant blackmail by Democrat Senators in demanding a special prosecutor, the radical Left smells blood in the water.

That’s why I’m asking you to respond TODAY to push back against these radicals!

Grassfire set up a special FaxFire targeting top Democrats in Congress that calls for an end to the “witch hunt” and a quick confirmation of the next FBI director. After the “hostage” plan Grassfire exposed was confirmed by Schumer himself this past weekend, this FaxFire is even more important.

Go here now to schedule your personalized faxes for instant delivery to your <#state_long#> Senators and other key Democrat leaders on Capitol Hill. Demand they “STOP THE TRUMP WITCH HUNT” immediately.

Democrats in our nation’s capital MUST hear from grassroots Americans telling them to “Stop The Trump Witch Hunt,” or this madness is bound to continue. That’s why we’re asking key Grassfire team members like you to take immediate action!

Thanks, in advance, for taking action!

  • russhenry

    Have you published the Congressional Directory for the 115th congress?

  • russhenry

    We must remove Paul Ryan from the Speakers Chair by implementing the House Procedure from the floor:

    Rep. Mark Meadows threatened John Boehner with this move and that is why Boehner stepped down. He knew he was within 3 votes of losing “VACATE THE CHAIR” motion from the floor.