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-The Grassfire Team

  • The Coming War On Trump

    Over the weekend, a friend sent me a video of a man who precisely predicted Trump’s victory… NINE YEARS AGO. Before you dismiss this, you might want to watch it yourself.The video is of a Christian speaker named Kim Clement who, in 2007, prophesied, by name, that Donald Trump would become president. But it’s more than that. In this message, Clement very accurately describes the way Trump would become president, his demeanor in the campaign, and even that his election would center on building a border wall.Why am I sharing this with you?I believe we have a HISTORIC opportunity to literally save the Republic from certain destruction. The Trump election is, in my opinion, God’s mercy on our land because there’s now an opportunity for the pillars of law and liberty to be re-established in America. But it’s ONLY AN OPPORTUNITY.And it’s an opportunity that most of the conservative leaders — including Christian leaders — opposed, right until Election Day!+ + Most Christian Leaders Missed It!In my work, at times I get to meet with conservative and Christian leaders. About a year ago, I published a book called Revolt that basically predicted Trump would win. In it, I explained why. I received significant pushback as I shared my thoughts with leaders who were opposing Trump. As Trump’s profile continued to grow, I saw the animosity toward the likely GOP nominee only increase among these leaders.It was a strange juxtaposition. Republican primary voters overwhelmingly favored Trump, despite his obvious flaws. But conservative and Christian leaders overwhelmingly opposed him. It was as if the leaders were totally out of touch with what their constituents (supporters) were thinking and experiencing. It turns out that the “Establishment” encompassed not only the media and RINO insiders, but even some Christian leaders!There were a few notable exceptions, such as Dr. Ben Carson, who has been one of the strongest advocates of Trump since he withdrew from the race. But most leaders couldn’t look beyond the billionaire’s brash and, at times, offensive words and actions to see what was happening in our nation. They couldn’t see the “America First” revolt against the Establishment that was building!Skip ahead to Election Day…Christians in the pews flatly rejected what a number of Christian leaders were saying and voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump — 81% to about 16%. The former reality-TV star received more votes from Christians than every Republican presidential candidate since the Ronald Reagan era, which also reached a high of 81%. Evangelical Christians are in large part responsible for electing Donald Trump, despite his obvious and blatant moral contradictions.This was no small feat. As I noted, Christian voters went against the voice of many recognized leaders. Christians also overcame their own concerns with Trump’s moral failings and brash tactics. And they saw through the efforts by the #NeverTrump media and Establishment to equate voting for Trump with xenophobia, bigotry and racism.Here’s why I’m sharing this with you…+ + The War On Trump Just BeginningI’m convinced that Donald Trump is a disrupter — a change agent who actually can lead a movement to reverse our nation’s slide towards economic and moral destruction. His early moves during the transition should give us hope. He will certainly confound us at times. He will frustrate us. But Trump just might be brash and bold enough to stare down the Establishment and lead a re-ordering of our nation back to the pillars of law and liberty.But it won’t happen without a fight unlike any we have ever seen.There is a massive War On Trump already gaining momentum with designs on destroying Trump the man, undermining his presidency and forever defeating the liberty and limited government ideals we so desperately need.This War On Trump will make the presidential campaign seem like a game of checkers in the park. And it’s already begun with the politically-motivated “recounts,” the ginned up “riots” in the streets, and President Obama’s announcement that he is going to break tradition and stay actively engaged in the fight.Grassfire is gearing up for this war, because it’s really a WAR ON US! Ultimately, this battle isn’t about Trump but about our ideals of liberty and the Constitution and national sovereignty and border security and economic freedom.Grassfire has led the way in predicting the CITIZEN REVOLT and sounding the alarm on the Establishment’s agenda. We stand apart from the RINOs and have the infrastructure in place to help provide a viable alternative to the failed Establishment media.But right now, Grassfire is facing a serious budget shortfall. While patriotic Americans were breathing a sigh of relief after the election, the Radical Left has been building up a massive and unprecedented war chest to defeat us!With a massive War On Trump coming, will you help meet our critical need and empower Grassfire to fight back? Go here, and thanks!
  • Three Biggest Threats To Liberty

    I almost can’t take the seemingly endless parade of RINOs and ESTABLISHMENT “talking heads” pontificating about what President-elect Trump must do next. The main opponents of Trump, like Karl Rove and Rich Lowry (National Review), are telling us what needs to happen next. Both of these men are among the cadre of “experts” who totally missed what just happened with the massive CITIZEN REVOLT our Grassfire team predicted more than a year ago.Look, I don’t need any credit. But it pains me when the Establishment pundits who opposed everything that was happening at the grassroots level now want to frame the debate!The fact is, Rove and Lowry and the rest of the Establishment RINOs have NO IDEA what is happening in our country right now. They still think Trump is wrong when he confronts the media or tells the “Hamilton” actors they were out of line.And they certainly can’t identify the THREE BIGGEST THREATS that are now facing this historic CITIZEN REVOLT… because they’re one of the threats!+ + Three Biggest Threats Facing Liberty Right NowRight now, we have a HISTORIC opportunity to literally save the Republic from certain destruction. The Trump election is, in my opinion, God’s mercy on our land because there’s now an opportunity for the pillars of law and liberty to be re-established in our land. But it’s ONLY AN OPPORTUNITY.That’s why we must take action now, and we must understand the three major threats seeking to destroy this opportunity.The first threat comes from the ESTABLISHMENT RINOs. Don’t believe a word they say. They hate Trump and what he stands for. But they are “playing nice” in order to worm their way in and help steer the agenda. We must reject the voice of those who sided with the Establishment and rejected the CITIZEN REVOLT that is reshaping our country!Second, it’s time to REJECT AND REPLACE THE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA — and that includes much of what you hear on allegedly “conservative” news sources. Like Glenn Beck, who has vociferously opposed Trump and continues to do so. Don’t forget, he called electing Hillary a “moral and ethical choice.” We simply must reject the Establishment media and replace it with news sources connected to the CITIZEN REVOLT movement.The third major threat to our liberties may surprise you…It’s Barack Obama.That’s right. The Democrat Party is in tumult and Citizen Barack Obama is ready to fill the void. Here’s what he told liberal activists shortly after the election:   “Next year Michelle and I are going to be right there with you… involved in the amazing stuff that we’ve been doing all these years before…. And I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and ideas…. The point is, I’m still fired up and I’m still ready to go.”We fully expect Barack Obama to LEAD THE FIGHT to defeat the CITIZEN REVOLT and make his radical transformation of America permanent. And the former president’s actions will fuel the most mean-spirited, hate-filled attack campaign against Trump and the CITIZEN REVOLT in our nation’s history.I believe Grassfire is uniquely positioned — perhaps unlike any other organization — to contend on behalf of liberty and turn back the three threats of GOP RINOs, the Establishment media and Citizen Obama. We stand apart from the RINO Establishment. We have the infrastructure in place to help provide a viable alternative to the failed Establishment media. And we have our eyes on Barack Obama, knowing that he will not go away quietly.
  • Free Deplorables Ringtone

    Congratulations to all of you Deplorables! You have just accomplished what was UNTHINKABLE to the political and media Establishment Elite!+ + “‘Deplorables'” Rise Up To Reshape America” The Wall Street Journal said it best: “Deplorables Rise Up To Reshape America.” The Citizen Revolt that started years ago… and Grassfire team members helped fuel… and we’ve been talking about for months….resonated across this nation!So…Take a bow!You’ve been ostracized. Maligned. Mocked. Ridiculed. And even Audited. The Establishment elites have demeaned us and said we were uneducated. They called us hateful, bigoted and xenophobic simply because we wanted to put American values and American citizens first. They even called us deplorable and irredeemable!But in their blindness, the Establishment failed to see and sense what was happening in cities and towns all across this land… the forgotten men and women rose up to reclaim our nation!+ + “Deplorables” Ring Tone — Complimentary Gift To You!We have a gift for you. It’s not much. But it’s our token of thanks for your faithful endurance to the cause of Liberty and Limited Government. The other day, I created a “deplorables” ringtone for my phone. I love it. Now, every time my phone rings, I hear our now President Elect Trump say, “Welcome to all of you Deplorables!” Click here to download it now. How To Get The Deplorables Ringtone On Your iPhone: 1. From your computer. Click on the link and download the audio to your computer. On a Mac, the audio should open in iTunes. The file is a .m4r file and should be added to your “tones” for your iPhone. The next time you sync you phone it should be available as a ringtone.2. From your phone. You can download the file and hear it but you must move the file to your computer by emailing it to yourself or, on a Mac, “airdropping” it to your computer. Then, add it to iTunes as a ringtone.
  • Bill O’Reilly Wrecks Hillary!

    Bill O’Reilly absolutely wrecked Hillary yesterday in about 45 seconds…