Patriotic artist pushes back against anthem protests


With his new painting Respect The Flag, popular and patriotic artist Jon McNaughton pushes back against National Anthem protests with a spirit of patriotism and an appreciation for President Donald Trump. “I respect America,” McNaughton says. “I respect the flag, the anthem, and the President; because he doesn’t back down to those who do not.”

The powerful image from the often-controversial painter shows America’s Commander-in-Chief “picking up a shredded and trampled flag off the football field. He holds a wet cloth in his right hand, as he attempts to clean it.” McNaughton’s inspiration for his latest work of art was his heartbroken reaction to the personal protests by dozens of football stars:

“When the NFL players decide to kneel as the national anthem was given, I felt sick. That flag represents the vast number of Americans who have sacrificed their lives for our nation. It is about their blood and the sacrifice of many thousands.”

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