Officials inside the Internal Revenue Services have admitted to and apologized for targeting Tea Party and conservative groups during the 2012 election. But reports indicate that senior officials inside the IRS knew, since 2010, that right-leaning organizations were being targeted for special scrutiny.

But the IRS didn’t just bully and harass, the federal agency also gave the confidential application data of conservative groups to leftist media sources.

Grassfire has launched a national petition demanding Congress abolish the IRS, an oppressive institution run by an out-of-control regime — the Obama administration. We’re mobilizing 50,000 citizen-petitions for hand-delivery to House and Senate leaders on Capitol Hill within the next two weeks.

The petition states

As an American citizen, I’m calling on Congress to abolish the IRS. After its recent actions targeting and intimidating Tea Party and conservative groups, this oppressive federal agency must be defunded and disbanded. The American people should not have to stand for the kind of politically motivated bullying and harassment that have become the hallmarks of the IRS. Those responsible for this most recent deplorable abuse of power should be fired immediately and face appropriate criminal prosecution, while any Obama administration official complicit in this outrageous conduct should be removed from office. I also call on Congress to immediately cut funding, freeze staffing and move toward abolishing the Internal Revenue Service.

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