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Remember When the Left Claimed They Were Concerned Trump was a Bad Influence for Kids? Epic Video Destroys the Women’s March Speakers

Remember the Hillary Clinton campaign video ‘Role Models‘ which blasted Donald Trump for setting a horrible example for our nation’s children? Well, the internet does…

The Washington Free Beacon has brilliantly remastered the Clinton campaign video exposing leftist hypocrisy and showing exactly what kind of ‘Role Models’ Hollywood A-Listers such as Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, and Ashley Judd truly are to our nation’s youth.

Splicing footage of the extreme vulgarity used during the recent anti-Trump D.C. ‘Women’s March’ with Clinton’s campaign ad, the video brings to light the horrific influence the liberal community is displaying in front of those the claim to defend.

Watch below:

Clearly the left has forgotten that children are watching them too.

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