RINOs “Dirty Deal” With No Border Wall Funds CONFIRMED


This might cause your head to explode….

Grassfire has just CONFIRMED that RINOs on Capitol Hill are working hand-in-hand with Democrats on a secret, backroom, dirty deal that RUBBER STAMPS THE OBAMA AGENDA and does not provide one dime for the Border Wall.

According to Bloomberg:

“Republican leaders offered a new government spending plan behind closed doors Tuesday that doesn’t include money for a border wall, said a Senate Democratic aide who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

Notice… “Republican leaders” are working “behind closed doors with…. “Democrats”! This is precisely what we have been alerting our team members about for weeks. We sniffed this out earlier this month. And let’s be clear: this Dirty Deal has Paul Ryan’s fingerprints all over it!

+ + Chuck Schumer gloats about the “Dirty Deal”…

And listen to what Chuck Schumer is saying about this backroom, dirty deal…

“The fact that the wall is now off the table, Americans can breathe a sigh of relief.” — Chuck Schumer

A “sigh of relief”? Tell that to the families who have lost loved ones to criminal illegal aliens. Tell that to Americans who have lost jobs to the flood of illegals. Tell that to the taxpayers who have paid BILLIONS in welfare and other benefits to people here illegally. Tell that to the families who have been destroyed by the illegal drug trade flooding across our southern border!

And let’s look again at how much funding President Trump was actually asking for: $1.4 billion of which $999 million was for starting the building of a border wall. CNSNews puts the $1.4 billion in perspective, noting it equals just .035% of total federal spending in 2017 — or the amount the Department of Health And Human Services spends every 11 hours!

+ + This fight is NOT over!

Despite the RINO dirty deal that was being negotiated behind closed doors yesterday, this fight is not over. Congress must vote by FRIDAY on another emergency spending bill — but Republican leaders have not yet even released the text of the bill!

Today, Grassfire is hand-delivering more than 12,000 “Fund The Wall” letters to congressional offices. We want to FLOOD Congress with petitions but I need your help.

We must add nearly 13,000 petition signers in the next 24 hours to reach our goal for an emergency FUND THE WALL petition delivery!

I’m asking you to do two things today…

Go here to sign the FUND THE WALL petition and have your petition included in this week’s delivery to Congress. Click here to automatically sign:

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Second action item…

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Steve Elliott

  • RockyMtn1776

    We have a Republican President, Congress and Senate and we are allowing the Democrats to continue calling the shots ! We can’t even get 1B$ in the budget to start building the wall for fear or yet another government shutdown. We have no wall started, no repeal of ObamaCare, a message to DREAMERS they do not have to worry about being deported, We still have 127 Judge positions to fill. But, our side did do one major thing and that was getting a Conservative in the Supreme court. The Democrats plus the RINOs are doing everything possible to ensure a Trump failure. The Fascist/Communists doing this believe if none of this is done the GOP will be finished, they will win the next election and pick up right where they left off. It’s much to soon to even guess what Trump will do in the coming years but we do know WE are in power if we can force our spineless elected officials to use it !