Same Fake News that Gave us Fake Polls in 2016 Really Wants us to Believe Their Approval Polls Now, But Hopes We’ll Ignore THIS One!


If you listen to CNN, MSNBC or any of the other fake news outlet talking heads for more than a couple minutes at a time, you’re definitely going to hear discussion of Donald Trump’s allegedly tanking approval ratings. It’s amazing, stunning really, that a media who admitted it no longer knows how to properly poll the average American after its polling failures of 2016 now looks to their polls to damage Trump in their daily narratives.

Indeed, you’ll constantly hear a lot of talk about Trump’s approval rating. What you won’t hear about is how Democrats poll much worse.

Take this poll discussed by National Journal, for example.

The poll surveyed working-class white voters in pivotal districts that Democrats are targeting in the midterms. Despite the Trump turmoil in Washington, Republicans held a 10-point lead on the generic ballot (43-33 percent) among these blue-collar voters. Democrats hold a whopping 61 percent disapproval rating among these voters, with only 32 percent approving. Even Trump’s job-approval rating is a respectable 52 percent with the demographic in these swing districts.

Interesting, isn’t it? A whopping 61% of voters in these critical districts outright reject Democrats.

Furthermore, while we believe Trump has lost a little support, we also believe that is in much part a reflection of anger directed at Republicans in general. Anger over their refusal to repeal Obamacare, build the border wall, cut taxes and scale back the size of government.

You know… all the things they promised to do within the first half of 2017. All the things they continually defeat when it comes time to vote.

Yes, voters are upset at Republicans. And yes, many are a little peeved with Trump. But that doesn’t outweigh the fact that voters cannot stand Democrats. And no matter what Democrats do, the numbers just don’t get any better.