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    BATR RealPolitik Newsletter - Purge Justice and State Departments - February 2, 2017http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=1f36c52155dbd59aea0b01d76&id=513238ff63&e=ed5705a7caPresident Trump needs to use his power to fire any politically defiant bureaucrat who is unwilling to implement his policies. Clean sweep the agencies of fifth column collectivists. Start at the Department of Justice and State and remove these dedicated traitors who work for the destruction of our constitutional republic.
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    Can't wait for Trump to be inaugurated, and a new era of rebuilding America formally begins!
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    Never use this gesture with a guy. 🙂
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    Are you one of the reasons? - http://winksite.com/xhtml/ms_fo_pg_v?fid=52115&id=39571&susid=53400
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    So glad that Grassfire has started this new Social Network. I left FB because of all the hate, prejudice and intolerance. I couldn't take it anymore!
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