Shocking Facts Of The Military Vet Addiction Crisis


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The facts surrounding the veteran addicition crisis are shocking:

Members of the military are 300 percent more likely than civilians to be prescribed narcotic pain relievers.

–By the time they become veterans, far too many are addicted. Today, an estimated 650,000 veterans are receiving prescription opiates.

–64,000 Americans died in 2016 from the epidemic of overdose (about the same as died in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined). And that number is climbing by 20% annually. Veterans are two times more likely and civilians to die of opiate overdose.

–Right now, we have a huge population of combat veterans (more than 13 million from the Vietnam and Gulf wars alone), and research shows that those who served in combat are far more likely to suffer from substance-abuse disorders and depression.

–Substance-abuse treatments for vets are up by more than 50 percent over the past decade, and a shocking one in four military deaths is the result of substance abuse

Last month, Newsweek published a lengthy expose called “How the VA fueled The Opiod Crisis” that reveals the connection between the VA and the increase in veteran addiction. Worth a read. One quote from the article:

Purdue Pharma, the OxyContin manufacturer… gave $200,000 to the VA pain management team that essentially turned the VA into its propaganda arm…. The team helped develop the initial VA–Department of Defense guidelines that concluded opiates “rarely” cause addiction.

Note: cover image courtesy of Newsweek article.


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  • robert v g

    I’m really sick & tired of ‘opiates this’ and ‘opiates that.’ All these addicts are accomplishing is making it nearly impossible for anyone else to get proper pain medication.