Six Reasons RINOcare (ObamaCare 2.0) Must Be Stopped


Here are SIX REASONS RINOcare must be stopped:

1. RINOcare is NOT a repeal of ObamaCare. It is “repeal in name only” from its first paragraph (which admits it “amends” ObamaCare”) to the entire structure of the bill. RINOcare is just the RINOs version of ObamaCare which is what Ryan and his Gang Of RINOs wanted all along!

2. RINOcare is a “gift to illegals” according to Daniel Horowitz, who notes that this new GOP travesty potentially offers more expansive coverage for illegals than even ObamaCare!

3. RINOcare retains much of ObamaCare’s oppressive tax structure, such as the “cadillac” tax on good insurance plans.

4. RINOcare keeps the individual mandate through a devious 30% surcharge you will pay to the insurance company if you do not keep continuous coverage.

5. RINOcare keeps the coverage mandates that are bankrupting the entire health insurance system and are the fundamental problem with ObamaCare!

6. RINOcare is a DISASTER that Republicans will OWN and will lead to election defeats in 2018 and 2020 because all the failures of ObamaCare will now be correctly blamed on the GOP!

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