Strong Work Social Justice Warriors… Limo Torched During Anti-Trump Demonstration Likely to Cost Muslim Owner Thousands of Dollars


In another perfect example of social justice warriors harming those they claim they wish to help, a Muslim business man will now likely be forced to eat the cost associated with the senseless destruction of his property.

Following last-week’s anti-Trump Inauguration Day demonstrations, it has been revealed that the limousine torched by rioters in Downtown D.C, belonged the Virginia-based company Nationwide Chauffeured Services, owned and operated by Muhammad Ashraf.

According to reports, Ashraf told media that while the insurance covering his limousines would normally cover acts of vandalism, his insurance company will likely deny the claim due to the fact his vehicle was damaged during a ‘riot.’ As Ashraf explained, the replacement cost of the vehicle will be in the tens of thousands of dollars and cause a significant financial burden on his business.

Just let that sink in for a moment…

Via Fox News 

Ashraf said his family-owned business, which is based in Alexandria, Virginia, has a fleet of approximately 30 limousines, party buses and other vehicles and has been in business for 25 years. He called the limousine’s destruction “a very sad situation.” He said the limousine was one of two vehicles of that kind owned by the company and was in heavy demand around the inauguration. Not having the vehicle means he’s losing business, he said.

“I just can’t imagine why people had to do these things,” he said, adding that the car’s driver was shaken by the incident.

The Washington Examiner has further reported that if the insurance company chooses to deny Ashraf’s claim, the replacement cost of the vehicle would be roughly $70,000.

Mario F. Johnson of Florida has launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist Ashraf in replacing his vehicle, citing that those in the industry support each other.

The crowdfunding campaign’s description reads:

“We are all coming together to Help Nationwide Chauffered Services LLC From Alexandria, VA. They are a victim of a senseless act that led to one of their limousines being destroyed.  This is an effort to help this company rebuild in their time of need. This is what this Industry Does !!! Pull together and show our support. Thank you all for helping this company. ‌” 

Many supporting the campaign on GoFundMe have spoken out against the violent demonstrators responsible for the destruction of Ashraf’s property, sharing words of encouragement towards the business man:

“The rioters are nuts, divisive, selfish and wicked. I am a Christian and give this small gift in the name of Jesus to shame those who would have us at enmity with others who are not of our faith. May God bless you.” – Peter Watson

“This is utterly unfair. Stupid protesters deliberately targeted your limo by the way as a capitalist symbol. They never once considered the fact that most limo services are run by hard working small businesses. American capitalism is ACTUALLY about millions of us “little people” doing what we each think is the best way to make a living, being guided by an “invisible hand” of economic incentives to make this country great.” -Andrew Napoli

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