SURVEY RESULTS: Conservatives Stand With Trump On Anthem, NFL Controversy


A new survey reveals that conservatives overwhelmingly support President Trump’s position that professional athletes should “stop disrespecting our Flag & Country,” and team owners should “fire or suspend” those who protest the anthem.

The survey, conducted by Grassfire of its conservative network, found that 91% of respondents supported the President, while just 1% thought the President was incorrect. The remaining 8% said President Trump should not have gotten involved in the issue. (See complete survey question below.)

“Despite the hysteria from the media and the Establishment, President Trump once again instinctively reflects the views of his ideological base,” says Grassfire President Steve Elliott. “Every time the Establishment says Trump has gone off too far, we find out he’s right in the center of the core of American beliefs.”

The poll, with more than 3,100 respondents, is a statistically valid sample of Grassfire’s million-plus network with a margin of error of +/- 2%. “There is no doubt that conservatives support the President on the issue of respecting the flag and the anthem,” says Elliott.”Take a look at its logo and it’s clear that the NFL has literally draped itself in the flag in the most savvy of marketing campaigns that has made its league the most popular and influential of American sports. And yet its commissioner — who freely wields power to suspend and fine players for perceived violations of the NFL’s code of conduct — refuses to enforce the specific regulation requiring players to stand respectfully at attention during the national anthem.”

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President Trump is CORRECT. Professional athletes should “stop disrespecting our Flag & Country,” and team owners should “fire or suspend” those who protest the anthem. (2,874 VOTES, 90.9%)
President Trump is INCORRECT. Professional athletes have the right to protest during the national anthem. (33 VOTES, 1%)
This is a matter between the NFL and its players and President Trump should not have gotten involved. (256 VOTES, 8.1%
  • Ted Langworthy

    Screw the NFL. A bunch of overpaid,spoiled millionaires who probably never “worked” a day in their life and damn sure few ,if any, served in the military!

  • How Green Was My Valley Then

    Can you believe that Trump sat and talked during the playing of Retreat as the flag was being lowered.

    It is like he and Hannity don’t even pretend to care about the Stars and Stripes… Trump thinks they are saluting him!

    “President Trump sat and talked through the nightly playing of “Retreat” as the American flag was lowered on a Pennsylvania Air National Guard base during his interview with Sean Hannity.”

  • Jeffrey McConnell

    When I played football the rulebook was 20 pages of “go beat the hell out of each other.” That’s what we did and we had a great time doing it. It was crazy, rough, and violent but seldom any fights. Just sheer testosterone and adrenaline.Now the rulebook is 2000 pages of “don’t look at me like that.” Now, I have to watch some woman commenting on the game who never “had her clock cleaned” or “had her bell rung.” It is pathetic. Good riddance to the NFL.