Tell D.C.: “Drain the swamp!”



I continue to wonder: Did we lose the election?

Did millions of American patriots not go to the polls in November of 2016 with one clear mandate on their minds?

Yes, we wanted a wall built. Yes, we wanted our nation secured. Yes, we wanted the “hate America” era to end. Yes, we wanted to repeal ObamaCare. Yes, we wanted to bring jobs back to this country.

But one phrase resonated more than any other as then-candidate Trump crisscrossed the nation. It’s a phrase that encapsulates precisely what must happen to make America great again:


In order to build a wall and secure our borders, in order to continue rebuilding our economy, in order to fully repeal ObamaCare, and in order to make America great again… we must drain the swamp!

 Of course, I’m talking about the D.C. Establishment that has been running our nation into the ground for decades!

The problem is, as President Trump is learning, the SWAMP doesn’t want to be drained! The entrenched powers of the political Establishment are conspiring against every drain-the-swamp initiative. And even our “friends” in Congress are more concerned with maintaining their status quo and the next election than actually draining the swamp. (Let’s face it, many of our alleged allies on Capitol Hill ARE the swamp!) That’s why the radical Left, the “fake news” media, the Hollywood “elite” and Establishment RINOS are doing everything in their power to destroy President Trump and this “Make America Great Again” movement.

It’s all about “swamp preservation”!

But you and I know — deep inside of us — this one thing:

We MUST Drain The Swamp Or Lose Our Country!

That’s why Grassfire is spearheading a renewed online effort that’s sole purpose is draining the swamp. We want to rally thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of patriotic and concerned citizens to send a clarion call to President Trump and Congress to DRAIN THE SWAMP! We envision a truly nationwide, grassroots DRAIN THE SWAMP movement that spreads this important message through email, social media and the internet. We are preparing to mobilize our million-strong email network, our 1.4 million-strong Facebook team, and our cutting-edge, news-and-action websites in a way that puts D.C. on notice that WE ARE WATCHING their every move with eagle eyes.


In order to network a QUARTER MILLION citizens, build the necessary online infrastructure, and take this message directly to our nation’s leaders, we need YOUR HELP!

Specifically, Grassfire needs an influx of $6,000 in support to help launch this vital DRAIN THE SWAMP campaign, while keeping Grassfire on track as we close out this month.

Can I count on your support? Go here now to make your best contribution to help Grassfire re-launch our DRAIN THE SWAMP initiative this month, while we continue other vital efforts to build:

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Thank you so much for taking time to know my heart, and thank you in advance for your partnership, as we work together to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

For liberty & limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. We are re-focusing our efforts on this one mission: DRAIN THE SWAMP! That’s why I need your help to re-launch this vital campaign this month. I’m coming to you first and asking you to help me raise “seed” money NOW to get this effort off the ground and primed for maximum effectiveness. Go here to help, and thanks in advance for your partnership with us as we work together to DRAIN THE SWAMP: