Thanks For Signing The “Resign Boehner” Petition!


Thank you so much for signing this important petition for patriotic citizens who are opposing John Boehner’s election as Speaker of the House.

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Thanks again for taking a stand!

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  • robertdavidhummel

    Seems HOUSE SPEAKER Boehner, …IS being MANIPULATED by The Forked Tongue of #Obama, and/or lost his VOICE, and HAS Failed to Respond to The “VOICE …of… We The People”, …PERIOD, ….The only Solution is to REMOVE and
    REPLACE This BONEHEAD Whiner, …………….with Rep.Trey Gowdy. PERIOD.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Maybe even the ‘republicans’ are waking up to notice that boehnor comes from a democrat heavy district and the democrat party NEVER submits a viable candidate to beat him on election day?

    WHY would the democrats want to remove a ‘speaker’ that is nothing more than a pelosi clone?

  • gvhparkridge

    We need a Driver..not a Putter like John Boehner

  • barbarakelly

    What happen to the E-Mail contact on the GOP site. I don’t have face book or the other one. I just e-mail my statement. Boehner is with obama. he has hurt us plenty. We don’t need the likes of him. I would go with Gomertt. Gowdy doesn’t want the position as of yet. He is still on the Benghazi investigation. On top of that I WANT CONGRESS TO GET OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE. hE IS FOR THE MUSLIMS. NOT US. hE HAS MADE THAT VERY CLEAR.!!!!!


    He says one thing to us and does another behind closed door. He can not be trusted to represent us.

    • Helen

      Boehner is Obama’s Lackey!!! He does not Represent the People!!

  • Cummings Stiles

    Its time for a lot of changes in Washington – We need term limits – we need age limits for both running and retiring from these positions (some are to old to know what a working mans needs are). We also need to make it mandatory if any congressmen commits a felony they must resign and are no longer allowed to serve. These people need to be better than the people they represent to many tax evaders is one example.

  • Chancisify

    Message to bonehead: Go back to serving drinks at the bar—Perhaps Pelosi will open a winery where you can serve her illegal alien workers.

    • NolanR

      Any American who says they trust Obummer is an enemy of the COUNTRY!

  • crazyfreddie


  • Sheldon Lawrence

    Unless boehner changes course 180 degrees, he is a traitor to America . He has done nothing but betraying the American people. Traitors go to jail.

  • Randice

    Any republican that says they trust Obama is an enemy of the party.

    • Chancisify

      Ditto for any RHINO,or establishment politician–who in MY humble opinion are MORE crooked than dems because they promised their constituents AND GOD to uphold the Constitution of the United States and sold their soul while kicking us in the teeth

      • Randice

        Amen.. in fact, I hold the republicans MORE responsible than the dems, as we know what to expect from them America haters… and, we USED to know what to expect from republicans.

  • Dave Swenka

    I agree we need term guide lines for age/experience minimums to run for office and a maximum retiring age/voting record supporting their parties’ needs.

    I would add another guide line…No party shifting … John Boehner will just run
    under the Democratic regime next time around.

  • rcaston

    I signed but the traitorous republicans will vote Obama’s man back in. This will be far worse than Hairlip Reid and Piglosi because it will be “our guys” that screw us this time.

  • pinnie

    Well, he’s a damn commie. Period…

  • bandit

    WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND REPRESENTATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen

    hose who elect to keep Boehner as Speaker are NO FRIENDS of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!

  • VoteThemOut

    Demand Congress remove Boehner, THEN Demand they remove the usurping, ANTI-Constitution, marxist-in-chief!! What’s taking so long?!

  • noelle2013

    It makes me SO MAD that this RINO WAS re-elected!