Thanks to Ryan and McConnell, GOP Candidates Have No Platform to Run On In 2018


Yes, it’s awfully early to be discussing the 2018 elections. There is, however, a brutal reality check that all Republicans should be putting themselves through right now.

The GOP’s control of the house may be doomed in 2018.

A gut-check indeed. Democrats are running to the hard left, after all, and their entire platform is designed on the concept of opposing President Trump. While this may not seem like a platform at all, it’s far better than what Republicans are standing on. Which is essentially nothing.

Note that Republicans took control of the House and Senate by opposing Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. They sprinkled in promises to repeal Obamacare, build the border wall and cut taxes at a significant level. All of which were infused with the narrative that defeating Obama’s power structure was instrumental in changing the disastrous course our republic finds itself on.

But what have Republicans accomplished? Nothing.

They had the single best opportunity they have ever or will ever have to repeal Obamacare. They failed. And does anyone really honesty believe Republicans will successfully repeal Obamacare now or in the near future?

They had the opportunity to fund the border wall, yet they failed. Not only did they fail, they actively worked with Democrats to prevent funding of the border wall. Are we now supposed to believe that the GOP, under the “leadership” of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, is suddenly going to energize a new effort to build the border wall and secure our southern border once and for all?

That takes repeal and border security off the campaign promise table. Perhaps they can run to their pro-life credentials?

Problem there is the vast majority of Republicans voted to pass Paul Ryan’s (Cr)Omnibus, a budget busting spending bill that funded Planned Parenthood. So much for that.

Speaking of the Omnibus, today’s Republicans appear perfectly fine passing $1.1 trillion dollar spending bills with no apparent concern for scaling back the out-of-control expansion of the federal government. So the argument they’ll make that they are the champions of less spending and smaller government has zero credibility.

And now they appear positioned to again kick the can down the road by passing a stopgap spending measure and raising the debt ceiling yet again.

All of the above is now known. The GOP cannot credibly promise otherwise from this point forward. They are not for less spending, smaller government, repeal and secure borders. They are not pro-life.

The only unknown is tax cuts. But McConnell and Ryan are already signaling a white flag is coming on tax cuts too. During the election we were all high on the idea of relief via meaningful tax cuts. Today we’re holding our breath for ANY level of tax cuts with our best possible scenario looking like a watered down, largely insignificant tax cut bill.

So much for tax cuts too.

The 2018 elections are a little more than a year away. But inquiring minds want to know… what are Republicans going to run on? What platform is there left? What credibility do they have?

Why on earth would the base donate to, volunteer for or bother coming out to vote for GOP candidates? Polls suggest some Republicans aren’t in that bad of shape, but as 2016 showed us, polls are crap. Plus, it’s one thing to answer a phone and say you would prefer X candidate over Y candidate. But it’s a whole different animal for the person answering to actually actively support or vote for said candidate.

And right now there is absolutely no reason at all to support Republicans in 2018.