They’ve Promised To Slash Our Tires!

dLess than ONE HOUR after officially launching our August Border Convoy, a Facebook group called “Boycott Murrieta California” threatened to slash our tires, and suggested damaging our convoy vehicles! A quick visit to the group’s Facebook page illustrates the aggressive vitriol and hate-fueled rhetoric that even some of their followers questioned, pleading instead for the group to conduct themselves in a “civil manner.”

That seems unlikely considering the slanderous nature of their remarks and threats that underscore the fact that WE ARE ENGAGED IN A BORDER WAR — a war that President Obama ignited and now continues to fan by turning his back on his constitutional duties!

In the absence of real leadership, it’s up to “We The People” — Americans like you and I to take a stand against this lawless aggression — regardless of the threats that are designed to dampen our resolve and send us home. THAT’S SIMPLY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Already more than 50 vehicles have registered to take part in our weeklong convoy stretching from California to Texas! We are continuing to develop a significant, national strategy to carry our STAND FOR AMERICA and STOP THE INVASION message to the entire nation, but I need your help right now.

Please go here now to get the convoy rolling across America, or if you missed my original alert, see below for additional details and to take action.

I’ve said this before, but I believe Grassfire’s BORDER CONVOY can take what happened in Murrieta and expand the grassroots movement of citizens “pushing back” against the Obama Invasion to cities and towns across the nation, but it demands on friends like you taking a stand with me.

Go here now to take action.


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July 21, 2014

Recently, tens of thousands of Grassfire friends took a stand with us on the front-lines of the exploding Obama Invasion crisis in Murrieta, California.

Well, the Obama Invasion coming across our southern border is about to IMPLODE America. Since the historic showdown in Murrieta, California, we’ve kept our ear “close to the rail” and what we are hearing is shocking. …

–We have learned on good authority that citizen border patrol groups are finding Muslim prayer rugs on the border. The Border Patrol has also admitted that several ‘interesting aliens’ from the Middle East have been caught carrying large amounts of cash across our WIDE OPEN borders.–Ranchers on the border are telling us that STREAMS of illegals are coming through their property every night. And from what we are hearing and seeing, the majority are NOT unaccompanied minors that Obama officials would have you believe. <#first_name#>, this is a full-scale invasion!–To make matters worse, Obama is about to use illegal executive orders to legalize millions upon millions of illegal aliens. This will almost immediately create a exponentially larger flood of illegals in the Obama Invasion.

And the news gets worse with each passing day. Obama is intentionally orchestrating an invasion of our country unlike anything we have seen in our nation’s history!

+ + We’re Going Back To The Border With A Massive Convoy!

For the past several days, I have been working with Eric Odom from our LibertyNews team on the next phase of Grassfire’s effort to STAND FOR AMERICA and STOP THE INVASION. Eric was on the front lines in Murrieta, and has remained in daily contact with the leaders in that town who want to take what happened in their community and spread that grassroots fire across the country.

So here’s the next step. …

dIn a few days, Grassfire and LibertyNews along with a coalition of organizers from Murrieta, will formally announce the official launch of the next phase of our campaign to expose the Obama Invasion — a national  BORDER CONVOY that will take our message from Murrieta, along the southern border, all the way to Laredo, Texas.

Grassfire’s BORDER CONVOY launches August 1, and will follow a seven-day journey to the hottest spots along the border. We haven’t even officially announced the BORDER CONVOY, but already momentum is building. Word is just starting to spread and we already have 22 RVs, SUVs, and cars registered. That total will likely grow quickly to 100 or more. Eric will appear on FoxNews next week to formally announce the convoy, at which point we expect a meteoric rise in interest nationally.

I believe Grassfire’s BORDER CONVOY can take what happened in Murrieta and expand the grassroots movement of citizens “pushing back” against the Obama Invasion to cities and towns across the nation!

So here we are again. Recently, I came to Grassfire friends and asked for your help as we stood on the front-lines of this battle with the citizens of Murrieta. Now I need your help as we take that same message on this BORDER CONVOY. I have already committed the first $10,000 to get the RVs and lead vehicles in place, begin working on logistics and security, and secure the supplies we need and workout our stops/accommodations.

Can I count on you to help sponsor the BORDER CONVOY and help Grassfire expand our STOP THE INVASION campaign to reach hundreds of thousands of citizens across the country? Please go here to help:


The convoy leaves Murrieta on August 1st, and will be in Laredo, TX by the 7th. We’ll be assisting/supporting citizens currently guarding the border, helping small border towns facing the threat of Obama’s DHS buses and raising awareness while out on the road. THIS MUST GO NATIONAL AND MEDIA MUST COVER IT. 

But this won’t happen unless I have your help. We have citizens gearing up to actually get in their RVs and SUVs and cars and join us for the BORDER CONVOY. We expect huge media coverage as we report on what is really happening on the border from the front-lines of Murrieta to Laredo. But I need your help to get this going.

Quite honestly, July and August are two of the toughest months for Grassfire. But after what we saw and learned last week, and the rapid pace at which Obama is expanding his INVASION, I feel we must move ahead.

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