Trouble in Utopia: Google Accused of Gender Discrimination by Dozens of Female Employees


After civil rights attorney James Finberg inquired on social media if there were female employees of tech-giant Google feeling as if they were receiving unfair wages when compared to those of the company’s male employee, his phone began to ring off the hook.

Receiving dozens of calls from women stating that they believe Google in committing gender discrimination, Finberg believes now where the is smoke there is fire.  

“In my experience, having 70 people call you when you put up a post about a company is a very large outpouring of dissatisfaction. So I think it’s telling and a matter of concern.” Finberg stated to CBS San Francisco.

As a result of his findings, Finberg is now preparing for a class-action discrimination lawsuit against Google.

“The culture at Google is hostile to women. Women tend to be channeled into what are perceived to be softer positions. User interface positions, design positions. Men get the code positions. Code positions are more highly paid and more highly valued at Google.”

“They complained to human and nothing was done about it.” Finberg stated.

The potential class-action lawsuit follows the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) federal court testimony from April pertaining to an ongoing investigation in Google’s pay practices regarding women.

During that testimony, the OFCCP stated:“The department has received compelling evidence of very significant discrimination against women in the most common positions at Google headquarters…discrimination against women in google is quite extreme…”

Via CBS San Fran

[Finberg] says the women complained they were getting paid a quarter to a third less than men doing the same work.

Google has fired back with two detailed blog posts, saying, “We were quite surprised when…the OFCCP accused us of not compensating women fairly.”

“We were taken aback by this assertion, which came without any supporting data or methodology…,” Google claims. “Our annual analysis shows no gender pay gap at Google.”

Google claims, “OFCCP has not taken sufficient steps to learn how our systems work and may not have accurately understood them.”

Finberg is still taking complaints and plans to file the suit in the coming weeks. The statute of limitations to go after back wages in California is four years. With tens of thousands of female employees, if Google loses this suit it could get very expensive for the company.

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