Trump Caving On Border Wall Funding?


It appears that President Trump is CAVING on the border wall.

The White House is signaling that President Trump will not insist on funding for the border wall in this week’s mandatory government spending Continuing Resolution.

With the Democrats threatening a government shutdown, Trump appears to be submitting to “business as usual” in Washington, D.C., in which the Establishment insiders continue to run the show.

And let’s be clear, we’re talking about what Rush Limbaugh calls a “measly billion dollars” — a small amount in the context of the size of government spending.

+ + This Is A Four-Alarm Fire!

<#sal_first_name#>, I’m sick and tired of the Democrats and the media bullying conservatives into submission. Even President Trump is submitting to the bullying of Pelosi and Schumer.

But I refuse to submit!

And I trust you are standing with me.

+ + Two Action Items…

I’m asking you to do two things today…


Sign our FUND THE WALL petition and have your petition included in this week’s delivery to Congress. Click here to automatically sign.

We currently have <#cause_total#> petitions on file. I must have 40,000 petitions by tomorrow to trigger our delivery and maximize your impact!

Second action item…

Call the White House and urge President Trump to KEEP HIS PLEDGE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND DEMAND FUNDING FOR THE BORDER WALL. President Trump needs to hear directly from the American people that we do not want him to cave on the border wall!


Chuck Schumer could hardly contain his glee when he heard President Trump might cave on the wall. If Trump caves here, then Democrats will use the same script every time they want to block Trump’s agenda.

Trump needs to stand strong. Congress needs to fund the border wall.

Thank you for taking action!

Steve Elliott

P.S. Donald Trump was elected because of his insistence on building a wall to stop illegal immigration. Take action to demand Republicans keep that campaign promise! Go here to sign the “Build And Fund The Wall” petition:

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    Seems a little too USA centric.

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    I’d prefer a wider cross section of opinion not just American.