Urge President Trump And The GOP Congress To STAY ON POINT!


The Radical Left is doing everything in its power to DISTRACT the President and DERAIL the agenda we elected Mr. Trump and the GOP Congress to pursue!

Already, word from Capitol Hill indicates Republicans are backing away from a true ObamaCare repeal. If ObamaCare is not fully repealed, Trump and the GOP Congress will have no credibility, and every other legislative agenda, including tax cuts and border security, will be at risk.

To make matters worse, leftist activist groups and for-hire “protesters” are working to overwhelm members of Congress with their demands to derail the Trump agenda. With the resignation of the National Security Adviser and the “mainstream” media focusing on the “fake news” crisis of the day, the real Trump agenda is IN DANGER of getting derailed!

That’s why Grassfire is launching this “STAY ON POINT” petition so citizens can urge President Trump and the GOP Congress to stay focused on the key issues of repealing ObamaCare, cutting taxes and securing our borders.

If we do not urge America’s new Commander-in-Chief and the Republican-controlled Congress to STAY ON POINT, we will lose the battle to repeal ObamaCare, cut taxes and secure our borders!

Grassfire wants to rally 50,000 citizens as quickly as possible to urge President Trump and the GOP Congress to STAY ON POINT.  We have made it possible for our team members to sign this important petition with just one click.

Simply click here to sign the STAY ON POINT petition and have your petition included with our next delivery to leaders on Capitol Hill.