• brichards posted an update in the group Group logo of Community SupportCommunity Support 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    can someone tell me how to set profile and cover photos? I went to my profile, clicked on change profile photo and then upload, but nothing happened??

    • What browser are you on? Haven’t run into that issue yet. No pop up at all?

      • let me warn you I am not very computer literate! I am on my iPad I think the browser is Safari. but I came to this site from an ad on Facebook.

    • Brichards, I am frequently on iPad, too. I even got a keyboard to use with it. I’m not good at phone keyboards on touch the screen communications. I’m glad you are with Grassfire and in the Texas group. I’m also glad you are trying, although admittedly not practiced on the computer. Welcome.
      Some months back I joined and had to learn how to manipulate Grassfire concerning profiles, friends, etc. That was when it was brand new. It kept improving. Then life got in the way and I laid off for some months. Now I’m back. Listen to Eric. He will help you.