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    Dear Fellow Members– As a Premier member of Grassfire, I’ve just faxed a tough love message to my Congressman via Faxfire. The topic: Repealing Obamacare. I encourage all of you to do the same.

    Once again, some Congressional Republicans are failing on a consensus on how and when to repeal this corrupt law. Incredible as it seems, some tone deaf GOP Reps actually believe that there’s no hurry. A few have even suggested waiting two years to implement a new healthcare plan.

    Excerpts from my fax:

    “First week back to work and already Republicans are sniping at one another in vintage fashion over repealing the ACA. Don’t drag your feet. You’re no longer saddled with the cold-footed John Boehner, so no excuses.

    Want a repeal “plan”? I’ll give you one– float Obamacare sign-ups into the law’s Expanded Medicaid provision. More than half of the 20-million enrolled already receive subsidies under this provision. You’re now free to revise Expanded Medicaid to include a sunset plan, i.e. 2-years, 3-years… Meanwhile, Congress can repeal both the individual and employer mandates to encourage hiring and jump start the economy. All you need is guts!

    Again, no more excuses! REPEAL OBAMACARE! NOW!”

    Please contact your Congress-person today. Tell ’em: NO MORE EXCUSES!