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    Refuse to Buy or Sell with the Federal Government

    That infamous mark of the beast is a regular condition of doing business with the federal government. How long have we gone, and how far we have strayed, from simple barter for trade transactions. The mercantilism that exists today, based upon the premise that our “Washington Godfather”, is our silent partner in occupational endeavors, has failed miserably. According to the system, the government makes an offer you cannot refuse. However, is this really the plight of rational and creative citizens determined to maintain their personal dignity and financial integrity?

    • a lot of people will read this and feel like it is of the Woodstock generation hippie ideology but it has a alot of valid points

      • Woodstock was the apex of the baby boom generation. Not because of hippie freedom or excess but because it expressed moral outrage to the globalist international order that produces permanent war and never ending debt. Yes, the establishment despises an America First foreign policy and runs on Corporatist greed that has bankrupted our economy. Yep, I was at Woodstock, but only drank beer. When the National Guard helicopters arrived to provide much needed assistance, the 60’s generation was united with the genuine spirit of the good will from our military. This type of unity can make a country a true nation.

    • This article takes a rather cynical view of US economics. IMHO – Free enterprise is free enterprise. Both companies and consumers have the option of who they will sell to and who they will buy from. Personally, for what ever reason, there are companies I will not do work for and there are companies I will never buy from. The choice is mine.

      • A Pollyanna attitude does not negate reality or facts. Free Enterprise was destroyed when the Federal Reserve took control of the money system. The Federal Government acts as a slave master in the service of central banks and international finance. Sure you are free to feed the beast, but you better learn you are contributing to your own demise.