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    NOVO ORDO SECLORUM – NeoCon Hell on Earth

    The 20th Century was the most destructive era in history. Deaths from all the wars and the genocides estimated at 160 million may seem small if the planet descends into the approaching holocaust. Globalization is the catchword of the ruling class. Sovereign nations are obsolete to the corporatists. Militarization for suppressing conflicts is the mission, since warfare among nations are passé. The old alliances based upon ethnic composition or ideology has vanished. Only dissenters against the New World Order pose a threat to the Novo Ordo Seclorum.

    • Yeah. why have a string of petty, two-bit dictators that kill millions at a time, when you can have a one world government than can kill billions?

      • Those who reject America First do not fear a dictator as President. They actually want a one world government to destroy the Republic.