As you may have noticed there are about 70 groups now fully published and active on the new Click here to view, sort and join groups that might interest you.

In the coming weeks all members will be able to start groups of their own. This will be a feature built into the site and available for any member to take advantage of. It’s an important feature because the site is designed around groups as the core organizing component. Groups here are essentially “mini social networks” within the bigger Grassfire social network.

Every group has its own wall, its own forums and the ability for group admins to message updates to all members. They are a smaller version of what the entire site is and provide a great place to organize from.

The 70 or so groups you see now are not necessarily “official” groups of by any means, but they are groups we will feature and promote moving forward. These include a hand full of issue based groups, groups for each Presidential candidate going into 2016 and a group for each of the 50 states.

Rick Mann is currently organizing volunteers for each group and we would love to have your help. Each group needs an admin and mods to help do the following.

  • Post relevant news and updates into the status wall
  • Manage forums and conversation threads
  • Watch for spam and abuse, and moderate members accordingly
  • Message members with occasional timely and relevant updates

If you would like to join the volunteer team and help us make these groups a great place to hang out and share information we would love to hear from you.

Please click here to contact Rick Mann now.