Yet Another Campaign Promise Kept by Trump, New Executive Order Slices at Federal Regulations


“This will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen. There will be regulation, there will be control, but it will be normalized control,” President Trump said as he signed a new executive order designed to deal a massive blow to over-regulation in Washington. The new order will place a regulatory cap in motion, requiring two regulations to be cut for every new one enacted, and the new one enacted must be offset by others cut in terms of costs.

This is yet another campaign promise Trump has followed through on. And yet another executive order that will likely have the big government media in an uproar.

Fox News has more.

President Trump on Monday signed an executive order to significantly reduce the amount of federal regulations on U.S. businesses. 

The order attempts to fulfill Trump’s “one in-two out” campaign promise — to rescind two regulations for every one that he signs.

“We have to knock out a regulation for every two, but it goes far beyond that,” Trump said in signing the order, after meeting at the White House with a group of small business owners.

Trump has signed more than a dozen executive orders in his first 11 days in office.  

“We will begin efforts to reduce federal regulations,” Trump said. “We’ll be reducing them big time.”

The executive order creates a regulatory budget of $0 for fiscal 2017, an official told Fox News, meaning any new “burdens” would have to be offset. 

However, the order also puts in place a process for the Office of Management and Budget to keep or adjust that number in future years. 

The military and national security are exempt from the order.


  • Patriot1957

    President Trump should not sign new regulations that do not come from Capitol Hill. Congress has oversight of Federal agencies, and should do their job to help the President to control and reduce the bloated autonomous bureaucracy.

    • StingraySWC

      One big problem with your reasoning…..Congress is overloaded with bills addressing everything. And, as there are still those in Congress that will oppose everything regardless of the merit, it takes Congress many months, if not years to get things done that should have been done months or years earlier.
      That is precisely why the people elected President Trump, to take the bull by the horns and get it done NOW, and if Congress thinks it’s too much or to oppressive, they can undo it whenever they get around to it. Businesses have been hog-tied by regulations for far too long, which is why so many jobs have been lost for American workers and moved out of America. That is one of the top priorities that must be dealt with if America is ever to regain the strength that we were so famous for.
      AND, if you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, you’d better take another look, as I’m a former multiple business owner that finally had enough with government regulations and shuttered ALL of my businesses, sold off all assets to pay off required tax debts and retired. They were just small businesses with only 11 employees, but the result was that several other businesses that relied on mine also closed their doors putting over 100 employees out of work. And that’s just one small example in one small town in one county in one state. Multiply that by the 50 states, and by the thousands of counties, and many thousands of towns and cities, and you may just get an idea of how it hurts the American economy.
      On the brite side, in just the two very small towns adjacent to my area, there are already new businesses opening in just the past 3 weeks! This after a continual drop in businesses over the past 6 to 7 years. That to me signals a strong belief in the confidence that Trump’s election has instilled in Americans.
      That said, President Trump has the backing of the business community overall, and as he takes measures to relieve the burdens on businesses you can bet your britches that you’ll begin to see our economy, and jobs on the rise very quickly. He was not my first choice, but with the actions he’s taken just over the past two weeks, I have no choice but to support him, casting aside any doubts I may have had.

  • replacethegop

    “Yet Another Campaign Promise Kept”?
    Can someone tell me what the “other” promises were? LOL

    The signature one, REPEAL, had Trump exerted the same vigor and NOT BETRAYED US by supporting RINO Care, he would have already sealed his legacy.