Zuckerberg DOUBLES DOWN on thought police?


As I listened to Mark Zuckerberg answer questions from Sen. John Cornyn yesterday, it became clear that Zuckerberg and Facebook are using these Conrgressional hearings to prepare the way to DOUBLE DOWN on censorship of conservative speech.

When Cornyn asked Zuckerberg what he has learned from the data breach crisis, Zuckerberg responded:

“…the big mistake that we’ve made looking back on this is viewing our responsibility as… just building tools rather than viewing our whole responsibility as is making sure that those tools are used for good.”

Which begs the question… Who defines what is “good”? Since Zuckerberg also admitted yesterday that Silicon Valley is an “extremely left-leaning place,” can we assume that “extremely left-leaning” people are defining what is “good”? And that’s why Breitbart is being labeled “racist” and “xenophobic,” and the pro-Trump tandem of Diamond and Silk have been deemed “unsafe to the community.”But it gets worse…

+ + Facebook Using AI To Censor Content

Cornyn then asked Zuckerberg if he agreed that social media platforms are no longer neutral platforms and must bear “some responsibility” for the content. Zuckerberg responded that he agreed “that we are responsible for the content” and then described how Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are being developed to make the content decisions…

“In the future we’re going to have [AI] tools that are going to be able to identify more types of bad content and I think there are moral and legal obligation questions that I think we’ll have to wrestle with as a society about when we want to require companies to take action proactively.”

Here, we have Zuckerberg admitting before Congress that:

A) Facebook makes good/bad content decisions based on its definition of “good”

B) Facebook is designing AI tools to make good/bad censorship happen systematically

C) Facebook is ultimately inviting Congress to legislate (“require”) this censorship process

Although the media are focusing on other things, the most significant development so far from these hearings is that Zuckerberg and Facebook are DOUBLING DOWN on their commitment to ideological censorship!This is why Grassfire is calling on every team member to take action today. Zuckerberg is appearing before a House committee today and we want to flood Congress with thousands of STOP TARGETING CONSERVATIVES faxes right away.

If you are outraged by Facebook’s targeting of conservatives, please go here now to schedule your “Stop Targeting Conservatives” faxes to your members of Congress and the key committees investigating Facebook:



Just as we warned, the real issue that Congress should be addressing is Facebook’s pattern of ideologically targeting conservatives. It is now clear that Zuckerberg and Facebook are using these hearings to set the stage for even more ideological targeting, and systematic, AI-driven censorship.

We must demand that Congress investigate the “lords” of Silicon Valley and their practice of censoring conservative speech. Go here now to FAX CONGRESS, and please alert your friends.


Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. Following this exchange with Cornyn, an emboldened Zuckerberg turned to his associates and smirked as he invited more questions from Congress. You could tell he had just won the day. Please take action today. Fax Congress and demand that they confront Facebooks targeting of conservative speech: